At just five years old little Ryder Wells has been through more horror than most would experience in a lifetime  It feels like this kid needs all the support he can get right now, so let him know that he is beautiful and brave! 

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Boy, 5, survives savage attack by two dogs only to be called a ‘monster’ in public

A young boy, aged five, has faced unimaginable trauma, only to encounter further adversity in public.

Ryder Wells, from North Carolina, endured a harrowing attack by two rottweilers when he was just 21 months old while visiting family for Thanksgiving in 2015. The vicious dogs left him with severe injuries, including the loss of half his face, crushed teeth, a broken arm, and a punctured lung.

Against all odds, Ryder survived the attack, defying the grim expectations of his family. Since then, he has undergone approximately 50 surgeries in his courageous journey towards recovery.

However, despite his incredible resilience, Ryder has had to confront hurtful treatment from others. In public, he has been subjected to the cruel label of “monster,” adding emotional pain to his physical scars.

Instead of receiving the recognition and support he deserves for surviving such a traumatic incident, this resilient young boy now faces hurtful remarks from both children and adults.

According to reports from his teaching assistant, Ryder encountered uncomfortable stares even from grown-ups when he first started school. His mother, Brittany, shared an upsetting incident where a child at the park cruelly called him a “monster” before fleeing. Additionally, during a recent shopping trip, someone audibly expressed disgust at his appearance, leaving Brittany heartbroken.

It’s devastating for Brittany to witness her son endure such treatment, especially considering all he has overcome. These hurtful reactions highlight the lack of empathy and understanding towards Ryder’s situation, leaving his family deeply saddened by the insensitivity of others.

Despite the challenges he faces, Ryder’s indomitable spirit shines through.

Described as a “fighter,” Ryder refuses to let his past define him or hold him back. His survival against all odds is considered nothing short of miraculous, with doctors initially expressing doubts about his chances of pulling through.

However, despite his remarkable progress, Ryder’s mother, a 31-year-old from Granite Falls, admits to feeling anxious about her son starting school. Aware of the potential for unkind comments or stares, she observes how Ryder sometimes tries to conceal his face with glasses and a cap. Nevertheless, she reassures him daily of his beauty and uniqueness, emphasizing that being different is something to be celebrated rather than feared.

“I just reassure him as much as I can but I’m absolutely terrified about when he goes to school. There are always going to be a couple of kids who aren’t kind.”

Now, she is determined to shed light on the damaging impact of bullying on individuals with facial disfigurements.

Through sharing Ryder’s story, she aims to encourage empathy and understanding, urging people to reconsider how they treat those who appear different. By raising awareness about the challenges faced by individuals like Ryder, she hopes to foster a more inclusive and compassionate society. Her ultimate goal is to inspire kindness and acceptance towards everyone, regardless of their appearance.

We must teach our kids to not single out those that look different and be kind to help children like Ryder live the happy life they deserve.

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