Couple Reportedly Accused of Trying to Sell Newborn Twins for $5,000 — and Relative Claims Screenshots Prove It

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Zachary Davis and Jacquilyn Keith have been charged with human trafficking

A Kentucky couple, Zachary Davis and Jacquilyn Keith, found themselves in legal trouble after allegedly attempting to sell their newborn twins to a relative for a substantial sum of money. The situation came to light when Davis’ sister-in-law informed authorities that the couple had agreed to sell their baby daughters for $5,000. The reports from WAFB, the Associated Press, and Fox 13 shed light on the case, indicating that the couple was arrested on March 18.

The relative provided evidence to the police, including screenshots and a video of the purported conversation, supporting her allegations. Upon being questioned by authorities, Davis and Keith admitted to the planned transaction but claimed they had no intention of following through. Davis mentioned that he had merely joked about selling the babies, while Keith asserted she wasn’t serious during a video discussion regarding the attempted sale.

Consequently, Davis and Keith were charged with human trafficking and are currently being held at the Jackson County Detention Center. The article doesn’t specify whether they have entered pleas or retained legal representation.

The case underscores the severity of the situation and the importance of reporting suspected child abuse. It provides information about the ChildHelp National Child Abuse Hotline for individuals who may need assistance or want to report abuse anonymously.

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