Judge Judy works out harder than you — the wellness regimen that keeps her looking and feeling sharp at 81

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While many may work hard, Judge Judy Sheindlin sets the bar even higher. At 81 years old, this legal luminary is a force to be reckoned with both inside and outside the courtroom, refusing to let age define her capabilities.

Embracing a philosophy of keeping her body in top condition, Sheindlin maintains a rigorous exercise routine, working out twice daily. “I have a responsibility to keep the vessel in shape and looking good,” she asserts, underscoring the importance she places on physical fitness.

Eschewing the need for a personal trainer, Judge Judy prefers to chart her own fitness course, setting her own pace within the comfort of her home gym space. Alongside her husband of four decades, former New York Supreme Court Judge Jerry Sheindlin, 90, she dedicates at least 60 to 90 minutes each morning to get their heart rates pumping. This commitment to fitness exemplifies Sheindlin’s determination and resilience, proving that age is no obstacle to achieving greatness.

She enjoys getting a good sweat in on either the treadmill or through resistance strength training. But for Sheindlin, her exercise regimen is less about vanity and more about mental fitness.

“If your mind is in shape and your body is not, [the weaker] one will eventually affect the other,” emphasized the “Judy Justice” lead, advocating for individuals of all ages to prioritize their well-being through physical activity.

“Working out is important for my physical health and my mental health,” insisted the native Brooklynite.

Indeed, the no-nonsense jurist, renowned for admonishing “baloney”-filled crooks on courtroom shows for nearly 30 years, is unequivocally correct. Exercise has been extensively shown to offer numerous health benefits, reinforcing the wisdom behind Sheindlin’s advocacy for maintaining both physical and mental fitness.

While exercise undoubtedly contributes to the overall well-being of the quick-witted octogenarian, Sheindlin also attributes her enduring vitality to a good night’s sleep. However, she admits that her rest is often interrupted by buzzing ideas for new TV series, such as the forthcoming Amazon Freevee project, “Justice on Trial.”

This docudrama is poised to delve into seminal Supreme Court rulings that have profoundly influenced the American justice system.

Judge Judy
“It’s going to be a fabulous, entertaining and informative show that subliminally teaches you something,” she said of her forthcoming show.James Dimmock/Amazon Freevee
“If your mind is in shape and your body is not, [the weaker] one will eventually affect the other,” she said.
“If your mind is in shape and your body is not, [the weaker] one will eventually affect the other,” she said.Courtesy of Sarah Rose

One of the first cases we will be covering is Gideon v. Wainwright,” disclosed the judge. This landmark 1963 decision mandated federal and state courts to provide legal counsel to criminal defendants who couldn’t afford an attorney.

Through re-enactments, Sheindlin intends to illuminate the pivotal events, trials, and appeals of each case in hour-long episodes. “Justice on Trial” awaits an official debut date.

“It’s going to be a fabulous, entertaining, and informative show that subtly imparts knowledge,” she expressed. “People aspire to be more knowledgeable—and they’ve shared with me that they’ve learned a great deal about the law, life, and social interactions by watching me over the years.”

Ironically, despite her distinguished career on the bench, Judge Judy Sheindlin has garnered perhaps the highest acclaim for her role as a makeup magistrate in E.l.f Cosmetics’ Super Bowl ad this February.

“I’ve never received more respect than in the last few months due to the success of that commercial,” Sheindlin remarked with a laugh, acknowledging that landing a big game promo had long been a “bucket list” wish. “It came as a pleasant surprise.”

Portraying “Judge Beauty” in the 60-second spot, which also aired during the 2024 Oscars, Sheindlin brings her signature no-nonsense approach to the court, emphasizing the trademark tagline “Beauty fades, dumb is forever.”

Judge Judy
“The way to maintain an interesting and exciting adventure of life is to stay engaged and smart — looks can only take you so far,” said Sheindlin. Michael Becker/IMDb TV

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