If you find a “bleach” patch on your underwear, you’d better know what it means

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In our quest for information, the Internet has become our go-to resource. Gone are the days when we headed straight to the library; now, knowledge is just a click away.

With countless websites at our fingertips, online forums and discussion threads have become popular platforms for seeking answers. And truth be told, internet users never fail to deliver.

Recently, someone posed a question: why do their underwear sometimes develop bleach stains? This query resonated with many, as numerous women discovered they shared the same experience and were eager to uncover the answer.

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Many eager contributors swiftly offered explanations. It emerged that these “bleach” spots on underwear are a result of the vagina’s natural pH levels.

According to experts, this occurrence is nothing to fret about. Instead, it serves as a sign that the pH levels, which indicate the acidity or alkalinity of a substance, are within the normal range.

“Now that everyone is aware, it’s completely normal to discover lighter patches in a woman’s underwear or knickers due to the acidic nature of the vagina, with a pH range of 3.8-4.5. So, I suppose it’s time to abandon the notion of it being a result of poor hygiene. In fact, a healthy vagina is one that can bleach the fabric,” explained Dr. Vanessa MacKay of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

She elaborated that the vagina possesses a natural self-cleaning mechanism facilitated by its secretory system. This system is safeguarded by the presence of beneficial bacteria.

The National Institutes of Health affirms that the pH of the vagina usually ranges from 3.8 to 5.0, making it significantly acidic compared to the neutral pH level of 7.

“Disturbing the natural balance can lead to infections, but it’s perfectly normal and healthy for women to have clear or white discharge from their vagina,” Dr. MacKay emphasized.

If you were curious about the reason behind these stains, you can now rest assured.

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