An old man was eating at a truck stop when three rough-looking bikers walked in.

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At a truck stop, an elderly gentleman was quietly enjoying his meal when three intimidating bikers sauntered in.

As they strolled past the old man, the first biker callously stubbed out his cigarette in the elderly patron’s pie, chuckling to himself as he settled onto a stool at the counter.

Following suit, the second biker brazenly grabbed the old man’s milk and tainted it with a contemptuous spit. Meanwhile, the third biker maliciously flipped over the old man’s plate before joining his companions at the counter.

Silently and without a word exchanged with the mocking bikers, the elderly man placed his payment on the counter, rose from his seat, and quietly exited the diner. Observing his departure, one of the bikers remarked to the waitress, “Guess he wasn’t much of a man, huh?”

The waitress retorted, “He might not be much of a truck driver, but he sure knows how to handle that big rig. He just backed over three motorcycles!”

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