Brave Marine jumps on grenade to save fellow comrade – wins Medal of Honor

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William Kyle Carpenter. Whether or not his name rings a bell, one thing remains indisputable: he is undeniably an American hero.

At just 21 years old, Kyle achieved the rank of Lance Corporal in the United States Marines. In 2010, he was deployed to Afghanistan to serve in war.

Amidst a firefight, a grenade landed perilously close to Kyle and another Marine engaged in combat. Without hesitation, Kyle sprang into action…

In a split-second act of heroism, Kyle demonstrated his unwavering courage, a decision that would alter the course of his life forever. Without hesitation, he threw himself onto the grenade, using his own body as a shield to protect his comrade.

In sacrificing himself, he saved the life of his fellow Marine. However, the selfless act came with a heavy price. Kyle endured catastrophic injuries from the ensuing explosion, with his body pierced by shrapnel and his skull and facial bones shattered. Additionally, he lost part of his jaw, experienced a collapsed lung, and upon his return to Camp Bastion, he was pronounced P.E.A. (patient expired on arrival).

Over the following two years, Kyle endured an arduous journey of undergoing forty surgeries to address his injuries. Recognizing his extraordinary bravery, he was honored with the Purple Heart and received the prestigious Medal of Honor, personally bestowed upon him by President Barack Obama.

Today, Kyle has retired from military service and is focused on pursuing a degree from the University of South Carolina.

He stands as a true American hero. Watch the video below for more insights into Kyle’s remarkable story:

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