On a very cold night, a rich man outside met a homeless old man.

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On a bitterly cold night, a wealthy man encountered a homeless elderly gentleman outdoors. Concerned, the millionaire paused and inquired, “I notice you don’t have a winter coat. Aren’t you cold?” The old man gazed at him pensively before responding, “I don’t feel it, but I’ve grown accustomed to it.” Astonished by the old man’s resilience, the rich man exclaimed, “Wait here! I’ll fetch a thick coat from my house to keep you warm at night.”

The old man’s face brightened with joy as he assured the wealthy man that he would patiently await his return. With that, the rich man headed inside, intending to fulfill his promise to provide warmth.

However, amidst the comforts of his home, he forgot about his pledge to the old man. When morning dawned, he remembered his promise and hurried outside to find the poor man. Tragically, he discovered that the old man had succumbed to the bitter cold overnight.

Left behind was a note from the old man, revealing his poignant realization: “When I lacked warm clothing, I found strength to endure the cold because I was accustomed to it. However, when you pledged to help me, I placed my hope in your promise, and that hope sapped my strength to withstand the cold.”

MORAL: Never make promises lightly, whether it’s about love or anything else. If you cannot keep your word, refrain from making the promise in the first place. What may seem insignificant to you could mean the world to someone else. Please take a moment to share this impactful story on Facebook. Thank you.

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