Couple Adopt Abandoned Red-Skinned Baby Predicted to Die Young, Raise Her into a Successful Woman

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When this newborn entered the world, her biological mother made a heartbreaking decision to abandon her because of her appearance. Born with a rare skin condition, doctors painted a grim picture, forecasting that she wouldn’t survive. Yet, amidst the bleak prognosis, a couple found something remarkable when they laid eyes on her.

The simple act of treating others with kindness serves as a powerful reminder, for we never truly grasp the battles others are fighting. Many individuals endure both visible and hidden challenges, often exacerbated by hurtful and thoughtless remarks.

The proliferation of social media has amplified the risk of cyberbullying exponentially, subjecting countless individuals to unimaginable pain at the hands of online aggressors. Explore the inspiring journey of one young woman who, despite enduring relentless torment from keyboard warriors, discovered the resilience to continue wearing a smile.

Told to Forget About the Baby

Born in China, Mui Thomas faced a stark reality from the outset: her birth parents promptly relinquished her, wanting no part in her life. Yet, in 1994, Tina and Rog Thomas stepped in to foster the crimson-skinned infant in need of a loving home.

Anticipating a brief stay in their care, the Thomases were confronted with grim prognoses from medical professionals who foresaw Mui’s demise in infancy. Adding to the discouragement, another healthcare provider urged Tina to abandon hope for the baby and focus on starting a family with her husband.

With the odds stacked against her, Mui’s survival seemed improbable due to her rare skin condition, Harlequin ichthyosis. This disorder not only altered her appearance but subjected her to relentless scrutiny and judgmental gazes throughout her life.

Navigating her high school years, Mui encountered the cruel barbs of bullies who questioned her right to exist. The ceaseless taunting left her shattered and on the brink of surrender.

Facing grim forecasts from medical experts who anticipated her early demise, Tina and Rog Thomas made a compassionate choice to offer Mui a nurturing home for as long as she needed it. Tina vividly remembers their first encounter with Mui:

“When she entered the room, I sensed her spirit. It was clear she wanted to embrace life, to have fun, and to simply move forward.”

They Chose to Adopt

Mui was just eighteen months old when the Thomases began fostering her. To their amazement, they witnessed her blossom and flourish as a toddler, defying the dire predictions of her prognosis.

At three years old, Mui’s foster parents made the heartfelt decision to adopt her, embracing her as their daughter and embarking on a journey they never anticipated. Rog fondly recalled the fateful encounter:

“We met her in a hospital, and my wife told us that we’d look after our daughter for about a weekend and that was 20 years ago so it has been a very long weekend.”

The Harsh Online Bullying

Their plans for a conventional family life were met with unexpected twists and turns. Despite their ability to conceive naturally, Tina and Rog chose to welcome Mui into their lives permanently, forever intertwining their paths.

Yet, their decision was met with opposition, judgment, and hurtful remarks from those who couldn’t understand their unconventional choice. Rog expressed:

“We were volunteers and had agreed to visit Mui for a few weeks that summer before starting our new life and a family in Australia. Plans change!!! Mui became our daughter, and our journeys became entwined forever!”

Throughout her upbringing, Mui faced a barrage of cyberbullying and discrimination, enduring hurtful comments that left deep emotional scars. Despite the relentless torment, she found solace and strength in her parents’ unwavering support.

With their encouragement, Mui discovered a newfound passion for rugby, defying expectations and finding acceptance in a community that embraced her for who she was. Despite the physical challenges posed by her skin condition, she found fulfillment as a rugby referee, reveling in the sense of belonging it provided.

Mui’s resilience and courage have touched the lives of many, inspiring hope and spreading awareness about the struggles faced by those with visible differences. Through her platform, “The Girl Behind the Face,” she shares her journey of triumph over adversity, offering support and encouragement to others facing similar challenges.

Despite the uncertain prognosis associated with her condition, Mui continues to defy the odds, embodying the power of resilience and positivity. With a radiant smile, she offers words of wisdom:

“Meet people, make connections, have a really strong support network, and also be open. If you’re struggling it’s okay to speak out and smile—smiling helps a lot.”

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