‘Werewolf’ Boy Was Taunted by Kids & Thrown Stones at for His Appearance – Now 17, He Looks ‘Handsome’

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A woman from India and her family were taken aback when they laid eyes on her newborn baby for the first time. The baby boy was born with a rare condition known as “Werewolf syndrome,” which left him strikingly different from other infants.

Parvatibai Patidar shared her story in a Born Different Facebook video, recounting the birth of her son, Lalit Patidar. She vividly remembered the moment she first saw Lalit, just 30 minutes after he was born in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Lalit Patidar at 13 on a Born Different Facebook video on May 9, 2020 | Source: Facebook/Born Different

Lalit’s condition, characterized by excessive hair growth, was immediately apparent. From birth, he was covered with long hair all over his body, particularly on his legs and around his eyes, nose, and ears.

Recalling the initial reaction of the medical staff, Lalit’s father, Bankatlala Patidar, revealed how the nurse was taken aback by their son’s appearance. It was clear that she had never encountered such a condition before, as evidenced by her startled response.

Bankatlala Patidar, the boy’s father, described the nurse’s reaction upon seeing their son for the first time. The medical professional was visibly startled by the child’s appearance, as she had apparently never encountered such a condition before.

Reacting swiftly, she sought out a doctor and urgently inquired about the boy’s condition. However, the doctor remained composed and reassured everyone not to be alarmed. Despite the doctor’s calming words, Lalit’s family had to come to terms with and comprehend his condition. Unfortunately, they also encountered unwelcome reactions from others who were fearful of what they didn’t understand.

Lalit’s Family Loves and Accepts & He Was Initially Being Bullied for His Appearance

The doctor who examined Lalit reassured his family that he was “fine” despite his unusual appearance. Parvatibai recalled how the medical professional took no drastic measures except for shaving him.

Dilip Rathore and his friend Lalit Patidar in school as featured on a Born Different Facebook video on May 9, 2020 | Source: Facebook/Born Different

She also observed that Lalit’s body hair remained unchanged in length after each shave. When people inquired about Lalit’s condition, Parvatibai explained that he had a congenital disability.

Babulal Makwana, a teacher who had Lalit in his class for years, discussed the challenges they faced in treating Lalit’s condition. Despite various attempts, including occasional haircuts, Lalit’s hair consistently regrew.

Describing Lalit at the age of 13, Makwana praised him as a kind, intelligent, and academically adept student, albeit a bit mischievous — a trait that Lalit’s father confirmed.

Although Lalit has grown accustomed to his unique appearance, he candidly expressed a wish for his excessive hair to disappear. The hair often obstructed his vision, breathing, and eating, causing him discomfort.

Dilip Rathore, Lalit’s friend, initially felt shocked and scared upon meeting him. However, Dilip’s grandmother encouraged him not to fear Lalit, emphasizing that he was just like everyone else.

With his grandmother’s guidance, Dilip overcame his fear and developed a close friendship with Lalit. Despite initial teasing and name-calling by other children, Babulal intervened and educated his class about bullying.

As a result, Lalit eventually found genuine friendships, with him proudly stating that he had made “really good friends.” In a playful manner, Lalit would even use his condition to spook other children, turning teasing into playful interactions.

Bankatlala’s son lives an ordinary life…

His father also found amusement in Lalit’s mischievous nature, acknowledging that the youngster enjoyed pranking his friends. Parvatibai, Lalit’s mother, recounted how some people believed her son was a reincarnation of the God Hanuman to explain Lalit’s condition. While she neither confirmed nor denied this belief, she emphasized that Lalit was her beloved child.

Despite extensive efforts, no permanent cure has been found for Lalit’s condition. However, certain hair removal methods help manage it. Doctors suggested that hormonal changes during Lalit’s teenage years might alter his condition. They advised considering surgery if these changes were unfavorable.

However, Lalit had different plans. He envisioned shaving his hair off to blend in with others if significant changes didn’t occur by the age of 20. Surprisingly, by the age of 17, some changes had already begun to manifest.

As of November 2022, Lalit, now 17, noticed that his facial hair was shorter and appeared lighter in color. Despite facing bullying from those unfamiliar with his condition, Lalit made a selfless pledge to “always be happy and keep others happy.”

Despite his rare condition, which is believed to affect only about 50 individuals since the Middle Ages, Lalit remains undeterred in pursuing his dreams. Like anyone else, he aspires to become a successful YouTuber and has already started creating videos and blogging.

Hailing from the small village of Nandleta in Piploda, India, Lalit grew up in an ordinary family, with his father working as a farmer. He enjoyed a typical childhood, helping his father with farming when not in school.

Lalit only realized he was different around the age of six or seven when he noticed that others didn’t have hair growing all over their bodies. Although he’d never heard of his condition or had any family history of it, Lalit didn’t believe a cure would be found. Nonetheless, he embraced his uniqueness and found contentment within himself.

Despite initial challenges, his family and friends gradually accepted Lalit as he is. He now sees himself as “one in a million” and strives to live happily. Lalit believes that our differences are our greatest strengths and takes pride in being who he is.

On March 5, 2023, Lalit confidently shared a close-up photo of himself on Instagram, receiving positive feedback from followers. On October 18, 2023, he posted another picture, showcasing his unchanged condition, standing proudly while allowing his facial hair to be fully visible.

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