Rich Old Man Dresses as Homeless and Visits Huge Grocery Store to Determine His Heir – Story of the Day

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When Mr. Larry Hutchins reached the age of 90, the idea of not having a will began to weigh on his mind. One day, he decided to disguise himself as a homeless man and visit his own grocery store in search of his potential heir. However, this task proved to be more challenging than he anticipated.

Despite his age, Mr. Hutchins still possessed a certain attractiveness, with hazelnut eyes and a distinguished shade of gray in his hair. However, his busy life as the owner of Texas’ largest grocery store had left him with neither a spouse nor children.

As the years went by, the lack of an heir troubled Mr. Hutchins more and more. Who would inherit my estate if I were to pass away? He pondered this question deeply.

He wasn’t inclined to donate everything to charity, as he desired to pass his wealth to someone who would genuinely value it. Entrusting everything to a friend was also out of the question, given the complexities of business relationships. Mr. Hutchins had learned this lesson the hard way.

Faced with few options, he reached out to his lawyer, Mr. William Carter, seeking advice. “What do you think, William?” Mr. Hutchins inquired over the phone. “I’m at a loss.”

“Well, Mr. Hutchins, it seems donating to charity isn’t your preference. Let’s eliminate that option. Do you have any distant relatives?” Mr. Carter responded.

“When you’re orphaned at a young age, finding someone willing to take you in becomes a challenge,” Mr. Hutchins reflected on his difficult past. “I arrived in Texas with almost nothing, and it took years to establish myself. I want to pass on my legacy to someone who understands its true value, rather than simply sharing my blood.”

“Sir, this is indeed an unusual situation. Allow me some time to consider it. Let’s schedule a meeting for this Friday, and I’ll have a plan by then,” Mr. Carter suggested.

“Very well, William,” Mr. Hutchins replied before ending the call. However, despite Mr. Carter’s assurances, Mr. Hutchins remained skeptical about finding a solution to his dilemma.

The following day, Mr. Hutchins sat in his study, attempting to compile a list of potential heirs to his estate. Hours passed, yet he struggled to add a single name to the list.

Disheartened, Mr. Hutchins tossed his pen aside in frustration, contemplating his next move. Then, a sudden idea sparked in his mind. Why not test his employees? Perhaps among them, there was someone who, like him, understood the value of hard work and compassion.

The following day, Mr. Hutchins donned his oldest attire, acquired a second-hand cane, and affixed a fake beard before heading to his destination – his grocery store.

“Get out of here, old man!” the cashier, Lincy, exclaimed. “We don’t serve your kind here!”

“But ma’am, I just need some food. I haven’t eaten in days. Please, I need your help,” Mr. Hutchins pleaded.

“Well, you won’t find any help here. Homeless people like you belong on the streets, not in a store like this!” Lincy retorted coldly.

Yikes, my employees can be quite harsh. Perhaps I’ll find my heir among the customers instead, Mr. Hutchins thought as he wandered the aisles, but to no avail.

“Who let this man in here?” shouted a woman in line. “And don’t get too close. You smell terrible!”

“But ma’am, all I want is some food—” Mr. Hutchins tried to explain before being interrupted.

“I know, right!” exclaimed another man. “Just give him some money and get rid of him.”

As Mr. Hutchins attempted to explain his situation, a saleswoman approached him. “You need to leave right now! Our customers are complaining, and we can’t have that. How did you even get in here? Didn’t the guards stop you?”

“Yes, Linda,” Mr. Drummonds, a regular customer, chimed in. “Get rid of him, or I’ll never come back to this store again!”

“Sorry for the inconvenience, sir,” Linda apologized. “I’ll have him escorted out immediately!”

Wow, some of the people here are truly unkind, Mr. Hutchins thought as he prepared to depart. But just then, a voice from behind stopped him. “Everyone, step away from the old man!”

Mr. Hutchins turned to see his store administrator, Lewis, standing there. Despite being the youngest employee at just 25, Lewis stood up against the hostility of his coworkers.

Ignoring the objections of his colleagues, Lewis escorted Mr. Hutchins inside, filled a basket with groceries, and paid the bill. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Mr. Hutchins thanked Lewis before asking him a question.

“Why did you go against everyone to help a homeless man like me?” Mr. Hutchins inquired, touched by Lewis’s kindness.

“Well, sir,” Lewis replied with a smile, “there was a time when I was in need, and you offered me a job and a place to stay. That day, I learned the importance of kindness and compassion.”

With a friendly smile, Mr. Hutchins realized he had found his heir. Seven years later, when Mr. Hutchins passed away, Lewis received a call from Mr. Carter, the lawyer, informing him that he had inherited everything, along with a short letter explaining Mr. Hutchins’s disguise and his decision to choose Lewis as his inheritor.

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