They Had Been Trying to Have a Child for Six Years, but When the Woman Got Pregnant, the Man Ran Away.

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For six years, a woman grappled with infertility before finally conceiving. Bursting with excitement, she chose to reveal the news to her boyfriend on his 30th birthday. However, his unexpected response left her stunned.

In a decade-long relationship, both had eagerly anticipated starting a family. When she shared her experience on Reddit, the community criticized her boyfriend, voicing their concerns in the comments. A month later, she provided an update on the aftermath of confronting him.

The Original Poster (OP) had been feeling unwell for several days but couldn’t find time to visit a doctor due to her busy work schedule. On the morning of her boyfriend’s birthday, she managed to squeeze in a doctor’s appointment, all the while thinking of his celebration. To her joy, the doctor confirmed her pregnancy after conducting tests and asking questions.

Elated by the long-awaited news, she kept it to herself until she returned home, viewing it as the perfect birthday gift for her partner. However, upon her arrival, she found him deeply engaged in conversation with a friend. Seeking a private moment, she pulled him aside to share the news, but he brushed her off.

Despite his insistence to wait, she couldn’t contain her excitement and announced the pregnancy in front of everyone. His furious reaction caught her off guard as he accused her of ruining his special day, insisting it was meant to be solely about him.

The OP revealed on Reddit that her partner stormed out, only to return ten days later with shocking news—he wanted to end the relationship, citing involvement with another woman. Astonishingly, he offered her anything to persuade her to terminate the pregnancy, a request she adamantly refused. He gave her a mere two weeks to find alternate living arrangements.

Furthermore, she disclosed that her partner expressed no interest in marriage, viewing it merely as a superficial gesture to prove love. Additionally, he discouraged her from pursuing higher education, fearing it would take her far from home.

Reflecting on the experience, she realized the need to assert herself rather than being a doormat for others. However, this newfound awareness met with disapproval from some around her, who perceived her as having changed from the “sweet, innocent” person they once knew.

The majority of Redditors placed blame on her partner, expressing sympathy for OP. They believed he should have been honest about his desire to have a child with her, sparing her from the emotional turmoil she endured.

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