Doctor reveals exact age you should consider permanently stopping drinking alcohol

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A doctor has shared insights on when it might be wise to consider giving up alcohol, and it’s for a compelling reason you may not have considered.

As we age, the long-term impact of alcohol on our health becomes more pronounced, prompting experts to pinpoint a specific time when cutting out alcohol may be beneficial.

One significant reason to consider eliminating alcohol from your diet entirely is to reduce the risk of developing dementia. Research indicates that excessive alcohol consumption is linked to an increased likelihood of dementia, as it can lead to a reduction in the brain’s white matter volume, impairing normal brain function.

Dr. Richard Restak, author of “How to Prevent Dementia: An Expert’s Guide to Long-Term Brain Health,” describes alcohol as a “direct neurotoxin,” meaning it can damage or impair nervous system function.

Considering the potential harm alcohol can cause to brain health, Dr. Restak suggests that individuals aged 65 and older should seriously consider eliminating alcohol from their lives altogether.

One specific type of dementia associated with alcohol overconsumption is alcohol-related brain damage (also known as alcohol-related brain impairment). This condition can result from prolonged excessive alcohol consumption, leading to various neurological impairments.

Preventing alcohol-related brain damage involves reducing alcohol intake to no more than 14 units per week, spread across at least three days. Additionally, adopting a lifestyle that includes increased physical and mental activity, maintaining a healthy diet, avoiding smoking, managing stress levels, and maintaining optimal weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure are essential for overall brain health and dementia prevention.

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