Disney star who played 12-year-old kissing grown woman responds to calls for movie to be removed from streaming

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Calls have emerged for the removal of the 1994 comedy film “Blank Check” from Disney+ due to a controversial scene that has sparked outrage among viewers.

Over its nearly nine decades of filmmaking, Disney has produced numerous hits that entertain audiences of all ages. However, some of their older films have faced criticism for scenes that are deemed inappropriate by modern standards.

“Blank Check” follows the story of Preston Waters, a young boy who receives a blank check from a criminal, which he then fills out for a million dollars. As Preston embarks on a spending spree, he catches the attention of the FBI and the bank.

The controversy centers around a particular scene in the film where Preston, played by Brian Bonsall, develops a crush on Shay Stanley, an FBI agent portrayed by Karen Duffy. Despite their significant age difference, the film depicts flirtatious interactions between the two characters, culminating in a moment where Shay leans in to kiss Preston on the lips.

Viewers have expressed outrage on social media, with many condemning the scene as inappropriate for a Disney movie. Some have called for the removal of “Blank Check” from the Disney+ platform, citing concerns over the portrayal of a romantic relationship between a child and an adult.

While the controversy surrounding the film persists, Brian Bonsall, who played Preston, has defended “Blank Check,” expressing his enjoyment of working on the film and acknowledging its enduring popularity among audiences.

As calls for action continue to mount, Disney has yet to respond to requests for comment on the matter.

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