Lifeguards Carry Woman, 95, To Beach Every Day During Her Vacation

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During her week-long family vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama, 95-year-old Dottie Schneider encountered a heartwarming display of kindness from the lifeguards on duty. Despite relying on a wheelchair to navigate, Dottie was determined to enjoy the beach and soak up some sun.

Shane Martin, the lifeguard on duty during Dottie’s first day at the beach, noticed her situation and offered his assistance. Driving up in an all-terrain utility vehicle, Martin approached Dottie’s family to inquire if they needed any help. With a warm smile, he helped Dottie into the vehicle and drove as close as possible to where her family was relaxing. From there, he gently carried her the rest of the way, ensuring her comfort in her beach chair.

This act of kindness didn’t end there. Every day for the duration of Dottie’s vacation, the lifeguards at Orange Beach Surf Rescue made it a point to assist her in getting down to the beach and back to her condo. Their dedication and compassion made a significant impact on Dottie and her family.

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