Ex-adult film star Lana Rhoades said she wanted all her videos deleted

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Former adult film star Lana Rhoades has made a heartfelt plea for the removal of her old pornographic videos, citing the profound impact they have had on her well-being.

Rhoades, a 27-year-old from Chicago, USA, entered the adult film industry in 2016 but chose to exit shortly thereafter. Despite garnering significant attention and becoming the most searched actress on Pornhub in 2019, Rhoades has been candid about the detrimental effects the industry has had on her mental health.

In a revealing interview on Harry Jowsey’s ‘Tap In’ podcast in 2021, Rhoades expressed her desire to erase her past work from existence. “A lot of the videos I have no rights under, otherwise I probably would have deleted them all by now,” she disclosed. Reflecting on her regrets, she admitted, “I do. I honestly tell people, if I could go back, I would give up everything to have my dignity and respect back, and for people not to be able to see me in that way.”

Earlier in the same year, Rhoades publicly criticized the adult film industry and shared harrowing anecdotes from her time shooting adult scenes. On the Three Girls One Kitchen podcast, she recounted one particularly distressing experience that still haunts her. “One of the worst… honestly, I feel like I’m in denial sometimes and I can’t accept some of the things that I’ve done,” she revealed. Describing a graphic scene involving vomiting and urination, Rhoades emphasized the psychological toll it took on her, expressing regret at her inability to refuse participation.

These unsettling incidents, among others, ultimately led Rhoades to make the decision to leave the porn industry for good. Despite the challenges she faced, Rhoades found financial success after her departure. Speaking on the YouTube channel BFFs with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards, she disclosed, “The industry I did not get paid s***. I probably had $100,000 (£71,000) in my bank account when I quit shooting porn and now I’m a multi-millionaire.”

Today, Rhoades co-hosts a podcast called 3 Girls 1 Kitchen, where she continues to share her experiences and advocate for mental health awareness.

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