Our Granddaughter Accused Us of Being Cheap after Getting Our Wedding Present

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My husband and I have a special tradition for our grandkids: a small gift from their wedding registry and a generous check the day before their wedding. However, our youngest granddaughter, Eloise, didn’t take kindly to her wedding gift—an air fryer. She accused us of being cheap, not knowing about the substantial cash gift we intended to give her.

Despite our initial shock, we purchased her a China set to appease her. Yet, we withheld the $40,000 check, feeling she hadn’t earned it. Eloise later learned about the cash gift and accused us of discrimination, leading to a tense exchange.

We stood firm, explaining that her reaction to the initial gift was unacceptable. Eloise begged for forgiveness, citing wedding stress, but we maintained our stance. While it saddened us to see her boycott Christmas, we couldn’t compromise on our values of love and respect.

Despite the tension, our door remains open to Eloise whenever she’s ready to reconcile. Similarly, a grandmother’s decision not to bring gifts for her grandchildren sparked debate online, with some commending her simplicity and others feeling it was too extreme. What’s your take on gift-giving to children?

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