Blokes get flooded with free drinks playing ‘Wetherspoons Game’ after trying ‘completely new’ tactic

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Ray and his mate have been praised for their approach to the ‘Wetherspoons Game’

Two men were inundated with so many free drinks thanks to their fresh approach to the ‘Wetherspoons Game’, that they had to ask for the orders to be stopped.

Ray and his pal headed to Spoons for a pint and, like many others, decided to try their luck at the ‘Wetherspoons Game’.

If you haven’t heard of it, the game involves posting your table number in a Facebook group with 677,000 members, in the hope that some kind-hearted humans will order you some free bevvies via the app.

People often share sob stories in the group to try and justify why they deserve a good drink, but Ray and his mate opted for a more positive approach to the game.

The pair said that ‘life’s good’ and they were simply enjoying an evening the pub, and, like many others in the group, promised to pay forward the kind gesture.

They penned: “No one pet died, no one got divorced, no one got sacked, no one got a new job, no one got dumped, car passed MOT.

“Life’s good, just two mates trying out the game… Send us your best or your worst… Will pay forward and gift on. Table 77. The Weeping Ash at St Neots. Thanks in advance, have a good weekend.”

And, it worked.

Ray and his pal headed to Wetherspoons for a drink. (Facebook/Wetherspoons The Game)

From pints of beer to shots, Ray and his buddy were inundated with free drinks and Facebook users were glad to read a positive post.

“Ok. First time sending something seen as there’s no sob story and I’m feeling generous… let me know when they arrive,” one person commented.

“About time some honesty,” a second said, while a third added: “Two porn star martinis for the gents enjoy.”

“Sent 4 pints of Guinness over,” someone else penned, and one user wanted to make sure the duo had a good night as they wrote: “Couple fireballs on the way boys.”

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A whole host of generous users shared photos of receipts in the comment section of the post to show Ray and his pal, who were presumably having a big night, what they’d ordered for them.

The two blokes were inundated with free drinks from strangers. (Facebook/Wetherspoons The Game)

The drinks continued to pour in rapidly, and eventually Ray had to return to the group to bring a stop to the orders.

“Thank you, everyone, in 15 minutes you have sent us your best and worst, we are now pausing our game,” Ray wrote. “We will try to thank everyone.”

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