Britain’s Got Talent viewers left in tears after emotional surprise audition

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The Britain’s Got Talent contestant tricked his parents as they watched the ITV show

Britain’s Got Talent is back for another year – for a 17th series if that makes you feel old – and our Saturday nights are filled with the usual antics again.

From mind-blowing magic tricks to Alesha Dixon walking off because of a ‘gross’ act, the show is an absolute staple of British telly.

And last night’s episode (27 April) didn’t disappoint on the emotional front as Britain’s Got Talent viewers were left in tears after an emotional surprise audition.

As usual, while various acts took to the stage to impress Amanda Holden, Simon Cowell, Bruno Tonioli and Dixon, the cameras often panned to the audience to capture their reactions.

So, it’s not much of a surprise for people sat in those seats to have a camera pointing in their face – and one bloke made the most of that.

Harrison Pettman was sat in the audience with his mum and dad, before he needed to pop to the loo.

His mum couldn't believe it. (ITV)

His mum couldn’t believe it. (ITV)

As the show was in its final auditions, he quietly told his parents: “I’m going to quickly nip to the toilet, I’ll be back in a second.”

Bet you know where this is going don’t you, because the 22-year-old of course didn’t actually just run to the toilet and back.

Instead, the lad from Kent suddenly appeared on stage.

Harrison surprised his parents by sneaking off for a surprise audition as his mum was totally confused and said: “Oh, is that Harrison?”

He then gave a stunning rendition of ‘With You’ from the musical Ghost.

And while his parents were left teary-eyed and shocked, the audience absolutely loved his singing.

Importantly, so did the judges as viewers were totally wowed by the lad’s voice.

Harrison got the judge's approval. (ITV)

Harrison got the judge’s approval. (ITV)

So unsurprisingly, after some persuading of Cowell, Harison bagged himself four yeses from the judges.

Viewers at home were loving it as they called him their ‘fave’ of the episode and an ‘amazing singer’.

One wrote on X: “Well, I don’t know what Simon is talking about? Sometimes, it’s not all about being pitch perfect, it’s what you bring to the song. That was pure, raw emotion….he made me cry. Had the audience in the palm of his hand. GO HARRISON!”

While many acknowledged his performance wasn’t necessarily perfect, they also said: “Harrison made me emotional,” as they said they had ‘tears instantly’.

“Wow that was beautiful and emotional. Well done Harrison I’m in tears,’ another echoed.

As one said they were ‘sobbing’, others said: “Harrison actually made me cry?! Holy crap, that was an amazing performance!”

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