ITV presenter Rageh Omaar speaks out after he became unwell live on air in ‘concerning’ segment

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Rageh became unwell during the News at Ten on Friday evening

ITV news presenter Rageh Omaar has issued a statement after he became ‘unwell’ while presenting the News at Ten on Friday (26 April).

Rageh was signing off for the evening when he started to stumble over his words and appeared to struggle to read out the final headlines.

Omaar is ITV's international news editor. (Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

Omaar is ITV’s international news editor. (Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

He was able to tell viewers ‘thank you and have a great weekend’, but those watching ITV were worried that something was very wrong.

Following the broadcast, people started tweeting ITV News to ask if Rageh was ok, with many saying they were ‘genuinely concerned’ for his wellbeing.

Following the incident, the presenter issued a statement, thanking viewers.

Rageh explained that he was ‘determined to finish presenting’ the news segment and was grateful for all the support.

In a statement shared by ITV News, Rageh said: “I would like to thank everyone for their kindness and good wishes, especially all the medical staff, all my wonderful colleagues at ITV News, and our viewers who expressed concern.

“At the time, I was determined to finish presenting the programme. I am grateful for all the support I’ve been given.”

ITV did not broadcast the bulletin on their +1 channel an hour later. (ITV)

ITV did not broadcast the bulletin on their +1 channel an hour later. (ITV)

ITV also issued their own statement after viewers took to social media with concern over what they had viewed.

One person wrote on X: “I’m desperately worried about the health of Rageh Omaar who was left visibly unwell from start to finish of News At Ten.”

While another said: “Is Rageh Omaar alright? He seemed to be really struggling on News at 10 tonight. I’m worried about him.”

In response, a spokesperson for ITV said: “We are aware that viewers are concerned about Rageh Omaar’s wellbeing.

“Rageh became unwell while presenting News at Ten on Friday and is now receiving medical care.

“He thanks everyone for their well wishes.”

ITV also removed News at Ten from their +1 channel, and instead there was a message informing viewers that they were ‘temporarily unable to bring you our +1 service’ and that the channel would ‘resume shortly’.

In his role as international news editor, Omaar covers major news stories from around the world for ITV and he also presents their current affairs programme On Assignment.

Previously in his career, Rageh had been a senior foreign correspondent for the BBC and had gained prominence during the invasion of Iraq in 2003 for his reporting in Baghdad.

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