Levi’s CEO warned customers you should never wash your jeans

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Charles Bergh said that real ‘denim heads’ know not to wash their jeans in the machine

Reckon you could get away with never washing your jeans in the washing machine?

Well, the CEO of Levi’s has recommended exactly that.

Charles ‘Chip’ Bergh is the boss of the popular jeans brand and he says that you absolutely shouldn’t be putting your jeans in a washing machine.

Do you wash your jeans? (Kinga Krzeminska/Getty Stock Image)

Do you wash your jeans? (Kinga Krzeminska/Getty Stock Image)

Bergh once spoke out on the topic, telling CNBC that it’s the washing machines he has an issue with, rather than washing your jeans at all.

“I never said don’t wash your jeans,” the Levi’s CEO explained, before explaining that it’s something ‘true denim heads’ already know.

“True denim heads, people that really love their denim, will tell you to never put your denim into a washing machine. So that’s what I do.

“If I drop some curry on my jeans, I’m gonna clean it. But I’ll spot clean it. And if they get really gross you know, if I’ve been out sweating or something and they get really gross, I’ll wash them in the shower.”

Bergh has spoken about this particular topic before.

In fact, he first made the news 10 years ago when he made the shocking revelation that in the decade he has been wearing his favourite pair of jeans, they have never seen the inside of a washing machine.

But Bergh isn’t the only one who’s against the idea of chucking your jeans in the washer.

Echoing Bergh’s advice, a couple of years ago, celebrity stylist Ranya Batal (@ranyabatal) posted a video on her platform, warning people that they should not be throwing their favourite jeans into the washing machine.

She captioned the post: “Do Not Wash Your Jeans! I know it’s gross, but trust me!”

In her video, Batal advised: “Do not wash your jeans – don’t do it!

“It affects the fit and the colour, they will fade and they will never fit the same.”

She continued to explain that there is a solution, which she believes will leave the jeans looking as good as ever.

“Throw them in a zip-lock bag into the freezer for two days,” she said, adding: “Good as new.”

Apparently, washing your jeans in the machine is a no-no (Kinga Krzeminska/Getty Stock Image)

Apparently, washing your jeans in the machine is a no-no (Kinga Krzeminska/Getty Stock Image)

But what about if they’re stained? And what about the germs?

According to Kelly Love, co-founder and CEO of non-toxic cleaning brand Branch Basics, this isn’t a problem.

She reckons just putting them out in the sun to get some air will work wonders.

So there you have it. If you were about to chuck your fave jeans in the wash, stop immediately!

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