Girl wins gold medal despite ridicule for her improvised footwear

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The story went viral due to the dedication and effort of the minor

    There is a very popular saying that says “Wanting is power” and this time a little girl from the Philippine city of Balasan showed that it is possible to achieve all the proposed goals regardless of the ridicule or the scarcity of resources.

    Rhea Bullos’ story went viral a couple of years ago in 2019 for her dedication and commitment to participate in a race organized by the Philippine Schools Sports Council. She stood out among her opponents for winning the race while running practically barefoot.

    The little girl, barely 11 years old, ran with ribbons that wrapped her feet pretending to be a pair of tennis shoes and to not lose style, they painted the Nike brand logo on the upper part. Regardless of the difficulty this might entail, Rhea won the gold medals in the 400, 800 and 1500 meters in the girls’ competition.

    Local media reported that the situation arose because her parents did not have the resources to buy a pair of running shoes, so the minor had to run that way; It should be noted that she was not the only one running in that condition, but only two girls had real shoes.

    Rhea’s images became a trend and she was applauded by Internet users due to the effort put into her career ; There were even stores that gave her a pair of tennis shoes so that she could continue practicing the sport that she loved so much.

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