When a man kisses on your 2 these things, it proves that he sincerely loves you

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Kissing is a very sweet and beautiful thing, but through kissing, we can also see how much our partners love us.

The thing that someone sincerely falls in love depends not only on words but also on actions and using the heart to feel. If a man really loves you, you can clearly feel his love through every word, action and even look.

When a man is infatuated with a woman, his eyes will be filled with sweetness, warmth and pampering. And when kissing, he will also be gentle and considerate of your feelings.

For men, kissing may be an instinctive behavior, but it is also an indirect way of expressing affection. From a man’s kiss, you can see his inner emotional world. And, only when a man kisses you in these two places can it be called true love.

1. Kiss your wound

The woman’s wound symbolizes the past. Although the wound has healed and no longer bleeds or hurts, that doesn’t mean everything is over.

Scars on the human body record a person’s past. If a man is willing to kiss your wound, or give you a hug or kiss when listening to you talk about your painful past, it means he really cares about you.

He not only appreciates you in the present but also cherishes your past. And when he kisses your wound, he also wants to say: “From now on you are my woman, I will never let you get hurt again!”.

2. Kiss your tears

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No one is born strong and resilient. No matter how strong women appear on the outside, they are very fragile and weak on the inside. It’s just that they only show that weakness and tears in front of the man they love.

If a woman cries, she will definitely be hurt. At this time, if that man truly loves you, he will feel extremely sad and heartbroken. He will hold you in his arms, wipe your tears, and not even hesitate to kiss the tears rolling down your cheeks.

On the contrary, if a man is indifferent to your tears, it means he doesn’t have you in his heart. So, whether you are happy or sad, he doesn’t care that much.

Sometimes a small gesture can say it all. If you want to know whether the other person loves you or not, sometimes that person’s actions are more reliable than words. Kissing is a very sweet and beautiful thing, but through kissing, we can also see how much the other person loves us.

A man who loves you will never hate your scars, wounds or tears. He will cherish you, carefully protect you from any harm, and subconsciously, you are the one he wants to protect the most. If you have met a man who does not hesitate to kiss you in those two places, you should cherish him and not let go.

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