Why You Should Never Go Back To Someone Who’s Hurt You

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We sometimes get attracted to people who are simply bad for us. No matter how badly they treat us, we continue to fall for them. What makes these people so irresistible? Their charm continually sweeps us off our feet and their apologies and promises never stop sounding sincere. Even after you leave them, the temptation to go back to them is overwhelming. Here are the 5 biggest reasons why it is never worth returning to a toxic relationship.

1. You must learn to move on as well.

If they’re already over you or just drowning their sorrow in video games, then why shouldn’t you do the same? They’ve hurt you really badly but somehow you still crave going back to the relationship. This is because it feels comfortable to return to what’s familiar. But don’ fall into this trap. It is very likely that the old habits and patterns will come back and you’ll be heartbroken again.

2. They won’t change.

They promise you that they’ve changed and you tell yourself that things will be different this time around. But chances are, things will be exactly the same and you know this. People rarely change. Instead of turning a blind eye and hoping for the best, stand up for yourself and learn to say no. Your optimism will do little to change the situation and you will find yourself continually making excuses for their behavior.

3. They will hurt you again.

Because they’ve done it once, chances are they’ll do it again. This is why you could never be happy and at peace in a relationship that has already been through this. Also, you need to be happy with yourself first. You can’t expect them to come along and unbreak you and put you back on your feet. This is something you have to go through alone.

4. You deserve better.

We should never settle for anything less than we deserve. After being in a toxic relationship, people often believe that they deserve being treated poorly. Furthermore, they start to blame themselves for all the troubles in their relationship. However, in order to truly break free from someone who is hurting you, you have to learn to stop blaming yourself. Try to understand that you don’t have to tolerate someone’s ill treatment of you. This will help you gain closure and make sure that next time, you will end up with someone who treats you right.

5. You Will Never Be A Priority

Your needs and feelings will always take a backseat to theirs’. Your relationship will always come second and the other person will rarely have time to ‘deal’ with you. Instead of feeling like a friend or partner; you will constantly feel like a burden instead. Your relationship will exist sorely to boost the other person’s ego and needs while you ignore your hurt feelings. They will treat you as though your needs and decisions hold no importance and do not matter at all.


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