Apple is working to fix huge problem with people missing their iPhone alarms

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iPhone users say they’ve been oversleeping because of the glitch

Oversleeping for work is a pretty unforgivable excuse. No boss is really going to let you off if you tell them you slept through your alarm.

But what if it really isn’t your fault?

Turns out, a load of people’s iPhone alarms haven’t been going off – take that as some reassurance if you think you’ve been going mad.

One TikTok user slammed: “This has probably been the third or fourth day in a row that my alarm clock has not gone off.”

Thankfully for those now paranoid they’re going to miss work in the morning, Apple is now working to fix the huge problem.

And while users complain their alarm has been causing them issues, it’s not yet clear how many people have been affected by the problem.

It’s also not confirmed if the bug is restricted to particular models of iPhone or a specific version of the tech giant’s iOS software.

Bit of a nightmare if you rely on your alarm. (Getty stock)

Bit of a nightmare if you rely on your alarm. (Getty stock)

Another user complained they ended up missing classing despite setting a whopping ‘five alarms’. They slammed: “This is not me, I am not the problem here.”

Apple has confirmed it is aware of the alarm issue and added that it is working to fix it.

Some iPhone users have suggested their own fixes to the problem for now as they fear being pranked by their phone alarm again. They reckon if you turn off the device’s ‘attention aware features’ then it will help solve the issue.

When it’s active, the tool checks whether or not a person is paying attention to their device and if so will automatically tweak some settings – such as lowering the volume of alerts or alarms.

People say it's caused them to oversleep. (Getty Stock Images)

People say it’s caused them to oversleep. (Getty Stock Images)

To turn this off, go to iPhone settings, select ‘Face ID & Passcode’ and then find ‘Attention Aware features’.

Like many of us paranoid about sleeping in, users are also encouraged to double-check their alarms are set before going to bed as well as ensuring the settings are correct and the volume is turned up.

Users on X joked: “The alarm in my iPhone has failed to go off for the last two mornings, causing me to lie-in. I thought there was a problem with my phone but it seems to be a more widespread glitch affecting lots of users. I have found the whole experience to be most alarming.”

What an absolute nightmare for those who love to oversleep.

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