Doctor explains how you can ‘determine size’ of man’s penis by size of one body part

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According to Dr Karan Rajan, there’s an unexpected body part which can tell you someone’s penis size… and no, it’s not feet

A doctor has revealed how you can tell the size of a man’s penis just by looking at one particular body part.

No, not that one.

This is a way you can judge the size of a gentleman’s sausage without unzipping his trousers, one need only whip out the measuring tape and apply it to a different part of the human anatomy.

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You might assume that this body part would be the feet, as there is that long-running biological superstition that the size of a bloke’s flippers is a clear indicator of the size of his flopping fish.

However, this apparently isn’t the case according to Doctor Karan Rajan, who identified another part of the body that serves as a window into the dimensions of the Willy Wonka.

You can't just skip the tricks and measure men's meat sticks, that'd be cheating. (Getty Stock Photo)

You can’t just skip the tricks and measure men’s meat sticks, that’d be cheating. (Getty Stock Photo)

According to the doc, if you want to know more about the size of the d**k then you need to take a peep at a man’s digits.

Dr Rajan once said in a TikTok that it was two specific fingers you really needed to be looking at, the index finger and the ring finger.

“You can guess the size of a man’s cactus by how short his index finger is,” he said, with the prickly plant being a TikTok safe version of talking about something that doesn’t need the ‘ly plant’ part.

“According to a urological study in the Asian Journal of Andrology, a shorter index finger compared to ring finger correlates to a bigger schnozwangler.”

Again, if you’re going to be talking about ding-a-lings on TikTok it’s better to shroud it in words like ‘schnozwangler’ instead of just yelling ‘penis’.

He called it ‘the second to fourth digit ratio’, which you get by dividing the length of the index finger by the length of the ring finger.

"Why do you keep feeling my ring and index fingers?" (Getty Stock Photo)

“Why do you keep feeling my ring and index fingers?” (Getty Stock Photo)

The shorter the index finger the lower the ratio, and apparently that’s an indicator of ‘high exposure to testosterone in the uterus’.

Of course to sort this out you’d need to get someone to hold still while you measured their second and fourth fingers, then performed some arithmetic to get a ratio.

Then to compare that you’d need to do it to a bunch of other men and find some way to see if the information tallies with the tallywhacker length.

Dr Rajan also said this was ‘not a HARD and fast rule’, so if you’re worried about the length of your fingers then don’t be.

It might be better in the long run to stop thinking about other people’s penis length so much, as everyone knows it’s what you do with what you’ve got and not how much of what you’ve got to work with that truly matters.

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