Woman who stayed celibate until her wedding night shared five things she wished she knew before the night

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She shared some handy advice from her own experience

The wedding night for any couple can be a hugely hyped up experience, and there can be a lot going on after a busy day.

In more traditional times, it was to be expected that a bride and groom would both be virgins on their wedding days and for some people, that’s still something they choose to follow.

Well, one Christian woman shared about how she abstained from sex until her wedding night, and opened up on the things she wish she’d known before she did the deed for the first time.

(Getty Stock Image)

(Getty Stock Image)

Alicia and John Tucker tied the knot in 2020 and both held off from sex until their first night as husband and wife.

Now, the Canadian-based couple share tips for fellow ‘celibate brides’.

In a video from November last year called ‘Wedding night tips for the celibate brides’, Alicia opened up about her own experience.

She said: “It can be a lot, all the anticipation leading up to the wedding night.

“So, I’ve compiled a list of five things you should know before your wedding night.”

Her first tip was that a celibate bride should be open with her partner in the days leading up to their ‘first time’ if they’re feeling nervous.

Alicia has shared her tips for other celibate brides. (Instagram/@mrsaliciatucker)

Alicia has shared her tips for other celibate brides. (Instagram/@mrsaliciatucker)

Alicia explained: “So if you have a little bit of nerves about sex hurting you for the first time, definitely voice that to your fiancé.”

To ease pre-sex nerves, Alicia suggested that couples shower together beforehand as a way to relax.

Also on her list of tips was one that Alicia believed fellow virgins wouldn’t know about.

She said: “It’s so important to pee after you have sex.

“You can so easily get a UTI if you don’t pee after having sex because there are a lot of fluids that happen during sex and if that goes into the wrong area, you can be in a lot of pain.”

Alicia also warned her followers that the first time could be messy and not to be scared as blood after the first time having sex is a possibility, so Alicia suggested that virgin brides lay out on a towel on the bed.

While it might not feel romantic, it’s at least practical.

Alicia’s fourth tip was to ‘just laugh it off if things are awkward’.

She explained: “If it’s uncomfortable, if it doesn’t go super smooth, just laugh it off. That’s a big part of the intimacy experience.”

And her final tip? Be present and focus on the moment.

She said: “It’s so difficult when your adrenaline is so high and it’s a new experience that you have wanted for your whole life and your emotions are so high that it’s really hard to be present.”

The good thing about Alicia’s advice is that it’s pretty universal – and would be beneficial even to people who haven’t waited until their wedding night.

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