Flight attendant explains exactly what happens when she catches people joining the mile high club

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A bit of rumpy pumpy at 30,000 feet can lead to pretty serious legal consequences

A flight attendant has opened up on what happens when people try and join the mile high club.

While it’s very illegal, it’s become a rite of passage for many to get intimate with someone else at 30,000 feet in the sky.

One former attendant has even revealed their own tips on what you should do if you’re determined on joining it (which we obviously do not recommend given the legal risks).

None other than Jeremy Clarkson has also had his say on it after one particular video went viral.

Well, now we know exactly what happens when people decide it’s time to get jiggy with it while flying through the sky.

Mandy Smith was a member of cabin crew for Virgin Atlantic for more than 12 years.

This week, she sat down with LADbible TV to answer your questions in the latest episode of Honesty Box where she gave some rather revealing answers.

She revealed, much to her clear relief, that she had never physically walked in on two people going at it.

But there is a policy to handling the situation when it arises – and it could include taking the toilet door off if those inside don’t listen.

Mandy Smith was rather open on her experience dealing with those joining the mile high club (LADbible TV)

Mandy Smith was rather open on her experience dealing with those joining the mile high club (LADbible TV)

“I have not seen anyone ‘in flagrante’, full nakedness,” Mandy said.

“Because we can take those doors off, you know. Even though you’ve locked it, we can open them. And we can take the whole door.

“But no. I have stopped people, knocked on the door, and just said, you know – ‘excuse me, can you come out’ – kind of thing.

“Because I kind of know what you’re doing.”

Mandy said that if it’s a night flight, there’s no kids around, and it’s quiet, she was likely to leave people to do. She said: “It’s worse when you’ve got children on board and it’s in the daytime.

How romantic (Getty Stock Images)

How romantic (Getty Stock Images)

“But if it’s on a night flight, and they’re being discreet, I probably wouldn’t even interrupt them, if I’m honest.”

After being asked if people join the club on a regular basis, Mandy said: “I would say [it happens] one in 20 or 30 flights, so not really that often.

“Now, one of my friends had a situation where there was a young lady of 18, who was quite determined to join the mile high club, and she just grabbed anyone.

“I don’t know how she met this chap, or how they discussed it, or how they’d agreed to do this.

Make sure to lock that door (Getty Stock Images)

Make sure to lock that door (Getty Stock Images)

“But the cabin crew went and stopped her, and then she sat back down in her seat.

“And then about half an hour later, she was back up with another chap, trying to join the mile high club again. But then my friend said that she went to speak to her parents because she was actually travelling with her mum and dad.

“And she was only 18, bless her. So, yeah, she didn’t do it again. We should have, like, condom dispensers in there or something.”

You can watch our full chat with Mandy here.

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