Man who DNA tested ‘alien mummies’ says he’s made a discovery that could ‘change course of history’

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The ‘Nazca mummies’ found across Peru have been a source of controversy

The man who DNA tested ‘alien mummies’ says he’s made a discovery that could ‘change the course of history’.

Yeah, that’s quite the claim and you’d of course expect quite the evidence to back it up.

Ufologist Jamie Maussan previously unveiled an ‘alien mummy’ named Montserrat with three fingers and toes.

And Jois Mantilla worked closely with the mummies found across Peru to identify their origins.

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Last year, Maussan introduced two centuries old ‘alien corpses’ to the world and the recent unveiling of Montserrat led to authorities attempting to seize it.

Mantilla believes the ‘Nazca mummies’ are thousands of years old and once walked amongst us mere humans.

Monserrat. (Jam Press)

Monserrat. (Jam Press)

When they were originally stumbled upon by explorers, a whole lot of speculation began over where they were from – including the theory they were aliens.

While Maussan and Mantila say they have proof and research about the mysterious creatures, many critics say they extraterrestrials are nothing more than dolls.

At 3ft tall, the more recently presented Monserrat was apparently pregnant when she died and has an almost stereotypically alien-shaped head with long limbs.

Mantilla shared details of his most ‘profound’ find with The Sun, claiming the mummy has a three-fingered ‘tridactyl’ foetus inside her.

And therefore, he claims this disproves the criticism that the bodies are dolls along with them apparently having a unique DNA makeup that simply couldn’t have been created by modern-day technology.

Officials maintain that the 'alien' is fake. (Jam Press/Joshua McDowell)

Officials maintain that the ‘alien’ is fake. (Jam Press/Joshua McDowell)

The Peruvian journalist explained: “There is documented and verifiable DNA which implies that four genes were combined to create a being.

“That cannot be done now even with all our technology. Even with all the money and all the science in the world, this cannot be done by a human.”

He firmly believes his findings will ‘change the course of history’, comparing its significance to the moon landing.

Mantilla added that even archaeologists are amazed by the mummies can’t offer further explanation other than them being ‘anthropomorphic beings’.

“There is physical evidence that human beings have coexisted with another species similar to ours,” he added.

They reckon it's a major find. (Jam Press/Joshua McDowell)

They reckon it’s a major find. (Jam Press/Joshua McDowell)

And he reckons this ‘changes absolutely everything’. But not everyone is convinced by the ‘evidence’.

Flavio Estrada, an archaeologist with Peru’s Institute for Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, said: “They are not extra-terrestrials, they are not intraterrestrials, they are not a new species, they are not hybrids.

“They are none of those things that this group of pseudo-scientists who for six years have been presenting with these elements.”

He said they’re just dolls made from animal bones joined together with synthetic glue.

“It’s a totally made-up story.”

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