New two-way speed cameras are already being cut down by vigilantes

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Drivers are now being warned of new, two-way speed cameras

Vigilantes have wasted no time in chopping down Britain’s new ‘ultra’ speed camera.

Dad Makes Fake Speed Camera Van To Stop Cars Speeding Near His Home

The new two-way speed cameras are using the latest technology that can capture vehicles on both sides of the road.

Tech company Jenoptik are responsible for developing the VECTOR-SR cameras, that use infra-red low-light technology, that no longer ‘flash’ when triggered.

So drivers don’t know when they’ve been caught.

The cameras are painted yellow and in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, like most already are.

The new cameras are in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Geoff Collins, Jenoptik Traffic Solutions UK’s deputy managing director, said: “This is the product our customers have been waiting for – a modern, digital and non-invasive red light enforcement system.”

More cameras are being rolled out across the UK, as some are already installed in the likes of Devon, Cornwall and parts of Wales.

Greater Manchester Police also confirmed this week that more than 100 of the speed cameras have been installed in the city.

However, since installation, there has been four reports of vigilantes hacking down the camera pole, most recently on New Row in Longdowns, Cornwall.

Vigilantes have wasted no time in chopping down Britain's new 'ultra' speed camera.

Colin Higgs/Apex

Images show the yellow pole cut in two, as police tape is wrapped around the surrounding area.

Local Ryan Moses said he saw the camera pole had been attacked after 1.40am on Friday morning.

He said: “I spotted it just after it happened when police just turned up and were searching for whoever did it.”

Superintendent for local policing Ian Thompson said: “We’re deeply concerned about the recent surge in criminal damage to average speed cameras in the West Cornwall area.

“These acts not only endangers the public but also diverts resources from critical police activity, it disrupts the local community and road users, and places a burden on the taxpayers for the repair costs.

“Our investigations continue and we urge the community to report any suspicious activity or share information that might aid our enquiries.”

LADbible has contacted Devon & Cornwall Police for comment.

Last week, a speed camera on the A394 at Trewenna near Helston, was taken out using an angle grinder.

This is the fourth incident.

Colin Higgs/Apex

Two more poles were again hacked down on the A39 at Perranarworthal between Truro and Falmouth a few weeks ago.

Reports suggest that the New Row camera – which was first installed in February 2022 – caught almost 700 speeding motorists in its first full week of operation.

GMP Superintendent Gareth Parkin said: “The new and upgraded speed cameras across the city-region will ensure that drivers adhere to road speeds and do not engage in reckless or anti-social driving.

“Nationally there were 1,711 fatalities last year and nearly 19,000 since 2012, which is more harm than knife crime.”

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