Kim Kardashian caught off-guard as she’s savagely booed by crowd at Netflix roast

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Kim Kardashian was booed in savage footage from Netflix Is A Joke festival in LA

Kim Kardashian quickly realized how the audience felt about her when she got up on stage at the Netflix Is A Joke festival in LA.

Ever wondered how an entire room felt about you? Most people wont simply stand up and say they love you or hate you, but there are some clear ways to see how well you’re liked.

Kim Kardashian found this out the hard way as she took to the stage during Netflix’s roast of Tom Brady yesterday (May 5).

And it’s safe to say the crowd wasted no time to voice their disdain for the reality TV star.

As Kim took to the stage at the festival after being invited up by comedian Kevin Hart, she began to start her set of jokes.

There were some initial cheers but they were quickly drowned out by loud booing from the crowd.

So loud in fact that Kim paused in the middle of her joke and looked stunned at the audience.

It was only after Hart intervened with calls of ‘woah, woah, woah,’ did the crowd die down.

The crowd wasted no time voicing their disdain for the reality TV star. (Netflix)

Clips of this moment have begun to circulate on social media and people are pretty much loving it.

“Kim Kardashian getting booed at the Tom Brady Roast is incredible,” one user wrote.

“Guess you should only appear live when you can control the narrative. Otherwise you’ll get booed right off the stage every time,” another commented.

“Holy s*** like half the audience at the Tom Brady roast just mercilessly booed Kim Kardashian to the point where she had to stop and acknowledge it,’ added a third.

“OMG, they booed Kim Kardashian so bad. That was embarrassing. Audience only stopped because Kevin asked them to stop,” someone else said.

If that all wasn’t bad enough, despite it being the roast for NFL legend, Kardashian still caught a few a jabs while in the audience.

Kim paused in the middle of her joke and looked stunned at the audience after the booing. (Netflix)

Kim paused in the middle of her joke and looked stunned at the audience after the booing. (Netflix)

Brady eventually took to the stage himself where he delivered a jab towards Kim’s ex Kanye West and the four children they share together; North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm.

“Thank you so much for being here,” he told her. “I know Kim was terrified to be here tonight.

“Not because of this, but because her kids are home with their dad.”

The crowd erupted in laughter while Kim smiled and shook her head at the joke seemingly in disapproval.

Ooof, tough night for Kim.

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