Man recreates 20-year-old photo of him and childhood cat before putting him to sleep

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Trevor tragically lost his childhood cat Gandalf earlier this week

A man has recreated a 20-year-old photo of him and his childhood cat before he was sadly put to sleep.

There’s something rather special about a childhood pet, isn’t there?

Whether it be a cat, a dog, or even something else – they have been with us through thick and thin.

The first day of primary school, that dreaded step into high school, and countless memorable birthdays; you name it, the pet has been there.

Those lucky enough see those childhood pets still around when they enter adulthood, but there does come a time when they tragically pass away.

And one man who goes by the name of ‘TrevorisTHEGOAT’ on Reddit knows all about that.

This week he lost his adorable cat Gandalf, a pet he has had ever since

But before Gandalf was put to asleep, Trevor decided to recreate a 20-year-old picture of himself and his cat.

“Putting my childhood cat to sleep today, and did my best to recreate a 20 year old picture. I will always love you Gandalf,” he penned on Reddit.

The snap on the left of a very young Trevor sees him cradling Gandalf in his bed.

And to say the cat looks pretty content with life is certainly an understatement.

The photo on the right sees Trevor holding Gandalf in the same position for the last time.

Trevor is even wearing the same color of clothing in the more recent photo.

Trevor recreated the old photo. (Reddit /TrevorisTHEGOAT)

Trevor recreated the old photo. (Reddit /TrevorisTHEGOAT)

Many have flocked to the comments section of the Reddit post after it went viral in a matter of hours.

A lot of folks have been left heartbroken by the post, though did acknowledge Gandalf has had a long life.

“Omg love that name. My feelings,” one person wrote.

Trevor replied to this message quipping: “He actually came with a brother, he was brown and we named him Mordor lol. We bought them together from a bordering state – idk why my parents decided 9 year old me needed a purebred ragdoll haha, but that’s what he is.

“Mordor tragically got cancer at only 3 years old and had to be put to sleep. Gannie has lived enough for them both now.”

Some also reflected on their own experiences, as a user penned: “I found out yesterday that my cat has cancer and I’m wailing from this. I don’t know how my last 7 years would have been without her. I am so lucky to have had her.”

Another added: “I lost my cat 9 days ago, and I am weeping right now. Rest in Blissful Paradise Gandalf and Dabitha.”

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