Crazy Frog had his penis out the entire time and nobody noticed

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Kids these days won’t understand how huge the Crazy Frog was for a time

Do you even remember what the Crazy Frog was?

For the uninitiated, the Crazy Frog was a sort of cartoon character that just kind of emerged at some point in the noughties, made a lot of annoying noises and then rather faded out of the public consciousness.

It wasn’t even all that much of a frog, being blue, bipedal and having a mouth full of teeth.

Most frogs also don’t wear clothes, or at least they don’t whenever people have seen them.

Still, despite being a diminutive blue gremlin which communicated largely in ‘ding ding’ noises it had quite a good career for a cartoon.

It somehow reached the top of the UK music charts in 2005 with a cover of ‘Axel F’, the theme to Beverly Hills Cop with the frog making ‘ding ding’ noises and pretending to ride an invisible motorbike, and lots of people bought the tune as their ringtone.

It's not quite clear how the Crazy Frog became so popular, but it did. (Erik Wernquist)

It’s not quite clear how the Crazy Frog became so popular, but it did. (Erik Wernquist)

However, some folks are only just realising that the Crazy Frog had just been going around with his penis out the entire time.

The frog wears a hat and jacket, and in images was often shot from the waist up, but in full body shots the grotesque creation’s dongle was left hanging out.

“I JUST REALIZED CRAZY FROG JUST HAS HIS PENIS HANGIN OUT,” was the reaction of one person whose brain was struck by the terrible realisation.

Another wondered: “Something from my past that I’d like to bring up: What was with the penis here? Frogs don’t even have penises. Explain yourself Crazy Frog the people need answers.”

While it’s true that frogs don’t have penises, they also don’t have many of the other features of the Crazy Frog that we mentioned.

The massive teeth for one.

That frog was letting it all hang out. (Erik Wernquist)

That frog was letting it all hang out. (Erik Wernquist)

It’s time for the lore dump on the Crazy Frog, as you might be interested to learn that he was originally created by Swedish animator Erik Wernquist.

The idea was that he would accompany a ridiculous – and eventually ubiquitous – comedy impression of a motorcycle.

However, it soon became so much more than that.

Despite originally being called ‘The Annoying Thing’ by the creator, the animation was eventually picked up by ringtone company Jamba, who renamed it Crazy Frog.

The animated creation’s genitals were blurred out by some broadcasters after complaints, and the frog was eventually completely castrated just to get around the rigmarole.

Pretty much his greatest contribution to popular culture was inspiring a scene in The Inbetweeners where Jay (James Buckley) does an impression of the Crazy Frog in an attempt to prove he’s funny.

Additional words by Tom Wood.

Featured Image Credit: Erik Wernquist

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