Horror film shot from the killer’s perspective makes audience member vomit during screening

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Social media users are celebrating ‘real horror’ being ‘back’ after someone ‘threw up’ at a screening of a film shot from the killer’s view

A slasher film is so terrifying someone in the cinema physically threw up.

I can’t even get behind simply watching a horror in the first place, let alone if you’ve actually paid money to go and sit in a cinema with nowhere to put your back firmly against the wall and with a remote to turn the volume off when scenes get too tough – so, my sympathy for this viewer is lacking slightly.

An X account, Film Updates, shared an audio clip from a screening of an unreleased slasher film directed by Chris Nash, which took place during Chicago Critics Film Festival.

The audio clip reveals the ‘audience reacting’ to the movie – titled In a Violent Nature – and the film’s social media page also notes ‘an audience member […] vomited during the screening’.

While it’s not quite clear if you can actually hear a person throwing up in the audio clip, you can certainly hear people ‘Ooing’ in shock, awkward laughing and erupting into cheers and applause presumably as soon as the vomit-worthy scene has ended.

And it’s not taken long for people to flood to the audio recording to weigh in.

Be careful what you eat before going to view this upcoming slasher (IFC Films)

Be careful what you eat before going to view this upcoming slasher (IFC Films)

One user said: “A lot of action.”

“Omg. i can’t wait,” another added.

A third commented: “Well, guess it’s not a movie for a weak stomach, huh?”

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: “I was at this screening. If this is the kill I’m thinking of, people with a weak stomach might lose their lunch watching it. Probably with all the laughter I didn’t hear anyone throwing up.”

And a final resolved: “Omg real horror is back!”

Indeed, if In a Violent Nature‘s Rotten Tomatoes rating is anything to go by, then ‘real horror’ is back.

Much of the film is shot from over the killer's shoulder (IFC Films)

Much of the film is shot from over the killer’s shoulder (IFC Films)

At the time of writing, the slasher film has achieved a highly commendable Tomatometer score of 95 percent.

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For those of you who dabble in horror but don’t classify yourselves as fanatics, the upcoming slasher features a mask-wearing murderer who makes his way through a group of unwitting campers, with the whole film shot – in a unique twist – from his perspective.

So, on top of this, it’s Rotten Tomatoes score, how it contains a scene which literally made someone throw up and despite my own complete bewilderment, I’m sure horror fans will be queuing up to buy cinema tickets as quick as they can when it’s released on May 31.

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