Gorillas at the zoo teach visitors about the birds and the bees

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Parents were shocked when gorillas at the zoo gave their kids a lesson in the birds and the bees.

The gorillas, who got dirty with one another, were completely unphased by their human audience, or the little gorilla who closely watched the action from behind the large silverback.

“I don’t know if you knew it, but this is how babies are made,” one woman can be heard telling a child. Keep reading to learn more about this hilarious incident at the zoo!

If you put a male and a female animal together, it’s very likely that they’ll have some fun.

If you put a male and a female animal together in a zoo enclosure, it’s very likely they’ll have an audience while having that fun.

That’s what happened when a group of people were watching a large silverback, who was flirting with a much smaller female gorilla.

“Poquito [little]” says one person about the female.

Giving into his advances after a quick circle around a supporting beam, the male then mounted her from behind.

“Okay, no, no, no! I’ve seen too much,” says a child, who quickly became aware of what was going down beyond the glass.

“Are they having sex?” Asks another. “Oh my God, I’ve never seen something like this with animals in real life.”

Seconds after the great ape starts gyrating his huge hips, a curious young gorilla first watches from a distance and then moves in for a closer inspection.

“The child is coming to look,” says a woman. “He’s checking what he is doing!”

Viewers can hear a younger person in the background, saying “Oh no.”

The woman then explains to someone in her party, “I don’t know if you knew it, but this is how babies are made.” The child responds, “I know…”

Snack time
The young gorilla then reaches out his hand and keeps it on the backside of the male, who continues mating.

Shortly after curling his toes, the large ape separates himself and walks away while the little one watches the exhausted female, who slowly lifts herself from the ground.

As the small gorilla climbs the pole where the flirting started, the female grabs something from the ground in front of her and places it in her mouth.

“She can’t walk anymore,” the woman jokes as the female leisurely makes her way into a little house inside the enclosure.

‘She wanted to cuddle’
Online viewers had lots to say about this unexpected educational moment at the zoo, the majority who found it hilarious.

One netizen writes, “That little one went to check…Patted on his back yep! [you’re] in!”

A second jokes about the conversation had behind the camera: “Mom: this is how you were made, Child: yeah, I know.”

A third shares, “Big Fella just got up and walked away when he was done. You could tell she wanted to cuddle,” while a fourth quips, “The way he lifts his foot and twitches his toes hahaha.”

Meanwhile, one cyber fan appreciated the opportunity of seeing wild animals doing wild things: “It’s fascinating to see animals so closely related to humans doing this so openly. It’s a natural part of life and they don’t care who sees. We’re the weird ones.”

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