The Most Inspiring Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations That’ll Make You Crave A Healthier Life

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Kirstie Alley – 75 Lbs – Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program

Losing weight doesn’t have to be a lonely battle. Just ask the American actress Kirstie Alley, best known for her work in “Drop Dead Gorgeous.” She decided to ask for the help of the Jenny Craig professionals to get back into shape and managed to lose a whopping 75 pounds with their assistance!

Alley worked with the program between 2005 and 2008, and it sure worked. The advantage of having activity/nutrition professionals by your side while trying to slim down is that you can do it effectively and healthily. Alley transformed herself by committing to a new exercise routine and changing her eating habits.

Gabourey Sidibe – 150 Lbs – Surgery

For some people, losing weight requires gettinghelp from the medical profession, and Empire actress Gabourey Sidibe was no exception to that rule. We don’t blame her, as we know she tried everything before going under the knife!

Now, the gorgeous star is down a colossal one hundred and fifty pounds, and we see that she’s sticking to her commitments by going to the gym regularly. So, there is no doubt that Gabourey’s notion of kickstarting her transformation with surgery has had the effect she was looking for. It has put the celeb on the right road towards a total overhaul and we love this for her!

Kirsten Vangsness – 50 Lbs – Weight Loss Program

The “Criminals Minds” actress Kirsten Vangsness had been gaining weight over time while playing her role as an FBI Technical Analyst in the series. But after realizing she wasn’t thrilled about her body, the Penelope Garcia actress went on a weight loss journey. Fans were shocked in 2014 when she debuted a slimmer figure on the red carpet in a relatively short time.

Although she’s not particularly vocal about how exactly she lost weight, she attributes it to a six weeks weight loss program by Renee Stephens that transformed her relationship with food. The actress lost a whopping 50 pounds, dropping from 200 to 150 pounds, and she is looking healthier than ever.

Sherri Shepherd – 40 Lbs – Cutting Out Sugar & Keto Diet

With great acting skills and a humorous personality, Sherri Shepherd was bound to make it as an actress in America, one way or another. She came under the spotlight playing Ramona Platt on Less than Perfect and later had a seven-year-long run as the co-host of ABC talk show, The View.

In recent years, fans noticed a more slimmed-down and toned Shepherd, who had apparently gotten rid of 40 pounds. It couldn’t have been easy, but the gorgeous 53-year-old gave up on sugar and adopted a keto diet, according to Women’s Health magazine. She currently stars in Mr. Iglesias and is scheduled to appear in A Week Away soon.

Amber Riley – Weight Lost Undisclosed – Healthier Diet

After seeing Amber Riley portray Mercedes Jones on Glee for six years straight between 2009 and 2015, fans were shocked to see her weight transformation a couple of years ago. We’re unsure about the exact numbers on her scale, but the gorgeous 34-year-old actress was transparent about losing two dress sizes to People magazine.

Quitting junk food is something that most people struggle with. However, Riley managed to keep her urges at bay and shift to a low-carb high-nutrition diet, as per Workout Schedule King. She also went with the trends and consumed chia and flax seeds for weight loss. We haven’t seen her after Infamous in 2020.

Jennifer Hudson – 80 Lbs – Weight Watchers

Jennifer Hudson, also referred to as J.Hud, is a singer and actress who also uses her $25 million fortune to help those in need. She’s definitely a strong woman as she went through the loss of three of her loved ones at the same time. The 39-year-old is an Oscar and Grammy Award winner who will soon play Aretha Franklin’s role in the 2021 film Respect.

After 2009, which was the year she had her son, Hudson put on more weight than she was used to. However, slowly but surely, the Dreamgirls star managed to lose 80 pounds over eight years after joining Weight Watchers.

Jordin Sparks – 50 Lbs – Portion-Control & Exercising

One of the toughest things about losing weight is being consistent with a diet and workout plan. You don’t see the results of your hard work in a week or two, which is why the singer/actress Jordin Sparks kept going for 1.5 years to get rid of 50 pounds.

The 31-year-old reduced meal sizes and followed one diet plan. Furthermore, she kept her sweating sessions interesting by mixing and matching running, hiking, swimming, boxing, and Sensazao (a type of Zumba). Sparks even bounced back to shape pretty soon after giving birth in May of 2018. In 2020, she released her fourth studio album named Cider & Hennessy.

Sara Rue – 50 Lbs – Jenny Craig & Plant-Based Diet

Known for playing Carmen Ferrara on Popular, Claude Casey in Less than Perfect, and Olivia Caliban in A Series of Unfortunate Events, Sara Rue is a 41-year-old American actress who used to be plus-size when it came to weight. However, she took it upon herself to become healthier and sought help from the famous Jenny Craig.

With professional guidance, exercises, and a plant-based diet, Rue could eliminate 50 unnecessary pounds in no time. She has maintained her figure even after giving birth twice. She currently has a recurring role as Nancy Granville in American Housewife and Julia in B Positive.

Chaz Bono – 70 Lbs – Diet & Exercise

Son of the famous Cher, Chaz Bono had several factors holding him back when it came to losing weight. Yet, Chaz was smart enough to know that he needed to hold himself accountable in some way and turned to television to help him stick to his efforts.

In 2013, Chaz revealed his incredible seventy-pound transformation on the show The Doctors, making the entire world gasp with awe! Chaz says all he did was stick to healthier food choices and regular exercise. The question is, has all this lasted? Well, take a look at Chaz today and you’ll see that the man looks as fit as he did back then!

Rebel Wilson – 60 Lbs – Mayr Method & Exercise

Even though Rebel Wilson came under the international limelight as “Fat Amy” from the Pitch Perfect films, the nickname seems to have expired. Why? Because Wilson has lost over 60 pounds and is flaunting a more toned figure. Somehow, she isn’t ready to stop until she reaches her goal weight of 165 pounds.

The 40-year-old declared 2020 as her “Year of Health” and did everything in her power (cutting out sugar and junk food, following the Mayr Method, hitting the gym, and walking 10,000 steps) to reach her goals. Fans can await her new work in The Almond and the Seahorse.

Susan Boyle – 50 Lbs – Cut Out Sugar & Exercise

If the name Susan Boyle doesn’t ring a bell, you will most likely remember her as the contestant who sang I Dreamed a Dream from Les Misérables on the third season of Britain’s Got Talent in 2009. After making a name for herself from the stage, she built a solo career, having released seven studio albums and 13 singles so far.

Health complications aren’t unexpected at 59. Boyle was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2012, after which she removed sugar from her meals and started walking two miles each day. Moreover, Boyle took Garcinia Cambogia supplements. All in all, she’s lost 50 pounds so far.

Kelly Clarkson – 37 Pounds – The Plant Paradox

Kelly Clarkson, the famous American singer, took many years to accept her body. In 2020, she released a song called “I Dare You” where she talks specifically about this, about embracing yourself and accepting yourself as you are. The Voice coach learned to love herself and not to give importance to the pressures of society.

It was recently, that the “Stronger” singer decided to improve her diet following the steps of the book The Plant Paradox, where they advise to eat organic and non transgenic food. This led her to lose 37 pounds only with a good diet, since she declared that she does not like to exercise.

Jorge Garcia – 100 Lbs – Strict Diet & Workout Plan

Jorge Garcia is best renowned for his role as Hugo Reyes in the popular TV series “Lost.” While his award-winning acting skills made him stand out, the American actor and comedian’s weight was also distinct. Garcia has always been overweight but now looks much slimmer than ever.

The “Hawaii Five-0” actor lost a whopping 100 pounds thanks to his strict diet and physical training sessions! He began eating lots of vegetables and protein, which has done him a lot of good healthwise. Garcia had attempted to lose weight before but failed. However, the 2022 “The Munsters” star is more determined than ever, and it’s paying off.

Lavell Crawford – 120 Lbs – Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Regardless of whether you’ve followed Lavell Crawford for his work, the two photos above will give you a pretty good idea about how much weight he’s lost. The 52-year-old comedian and actor, best known for his portrayal of Huell Babineaux in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, lost 120 pounds by taking an easy way out.

Crawford reportedly underwent gastric sleeve surgery, which usually takes over a year to complete in two stages. He decided to get a handle on his health in order to stick around long enough for both his wife and son. In 2020, Crawford played Farmer Dan in Hubie Halloween and will appear On the Count of Three soon.

Ethan Suplee – 200 Lbs – Eating Consciously & Strength Training

Ethan Suplee was once obese when he played roles such as Seth Ryan, Louie Lastik, and Frankie on American History X, Remember the Titans, and Boy Meets World, respectively. However, his physique has taken a drastic turn since then, so much so that you’d barely recognize him.

The 44-year-old father of four woke up one day and made a huge change to his diet by cutting his calorie-intake and started intense strength training regularly. It has worked out well for Suplee as he is now stronger and 200 pounds lighter. His last appearance was in Gossamer Folds in 2020, and we’re waiting to find out what the future holds.

Adele – 100 Lbs – Sirtfood Diet & Exercising

With her glorious voice, Adele sang her way into our hearts a little over a decade ago. It’s almost impossible to find someone who hasn’t heard at least one of her hit songs like Someone Like You, Hello, and Water Under the Bridge. The last couple of years have been quite transformative for the 32-year-old superstar for two reasons.

For one, she divorced the father of her child, and two, she got rid of 100 unwanted pounds. An Instagram photo in May 2020 showed her new figure. As per Prevention, Adele adopted the Sirtfood diet and worked out rigorously three times a week to achieve her goal figure.

Penn Jillette – 100 Lbs – Potato Diet

Usually, potatoes aren’t a food that one would associate with dieting and weight loss because of the level of carbohydrates. However, we guess it’s not so bad when all you eat is potatoes. At least that’s what Penn Jillette from the magician duo Penn & Teller did to lose 100 pounds.

A few years ago, Jillette’s scale measured him at 322 pounds, and not long after, a 90% blockage was found in his heart. Switching to a healthier lifestyle was his only option to prolong his lifespan. As it happens, everything worked out well for him. In the present, the magician duo is reportedly headlining at The Rio in Las Vegas.

Alana Thompson – Weight Lost And Method Undisclosed

Remember pageant darling Honey Boo Boo from the reality TV show Toddlers & Tiaras? Well, she’s all grown up now! What’s more, she’s still gracing our screens with her family as she stars in the program Mama June: Road to Redemption in 2021.

Now a teen, it seems like she’s also lost a few pounds. However, there isn’t any specific information about how much weight she’s shifted or what diet she might have followed to do so. Still, we’re looking forward to how Thompson’s career in modeling blossoms as she enters young adulthood.

Mark Labbett – 35 Lbs – Dieting & Exercising

The pandemic lockdowns of 2020 seem never-ending and troublesome, but it isn’t all bad. Take Mark Labbett from The Chase, for example. He used the time confined to his home to lose 2.5 stone (equivalent to 35 pounds) body weight, mostly by running after his toddler and also passing on eating out. According to The Sun, diet and exercise helped too.

The 55-year-old has been a “chaser” on ITV’s quiz show The Chase since 2009 and is nicknamed “The Beast.” He has been married to Katie Labbett, who is the mother of his child, since 2014.

Shonda Rhimes – 150 Lbs – Clean Living

Shonda Rhimes is a 51-year-old television producer, screenwriter, and author, who happens to be behind amazing creations like Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder. Anyone who knows her can hardly recognize her as she’s lost a whopping 150 pounds of body weight.

According to Health magazine, Rhimes’s decision to pursue a healthy lifestyle was triggered after becoming physically weak, unable to climb a flight of stairs without struggling. The mother of three has been pretty open about her weight loss journey. Even though she didn’t necessarily enjoy it, her accomplishments were the results of clean living.

Gordon Ramsay – 56 Lbs – Dieting & Exercising

When you see Gordon Ramsay on programs like Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef, and 24 Hours to Hell and Back in the present, he looks fit like someone who hits the gym often. However, he didn’t always sport the healthiest figure, which makes sense, considering all the yummy food he’s surrounded by every day.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Ramsay is a world-famous chef, television personality, and Michelin star restaurateur. His wife Cayetana Hutcheson wasn’t thrilled about Ramsay’s weight gain and encouraged him to shed a few pounds. Well, he lost 56 pounds by breaking down his meals into smaller portions and clocking in rigorous exercise.

Chaka Khan – 60 Lbs – Vegan Diet

When singer Chaka Khan realized that her health was starting to be affected by her habits, she decided to put a stop to it there and then. Unfortunately, she had already been diagnosed with type two Diabetes. Yet, Chaka did not let this hold her back.

Khan cut out meat and dairy from her eating patterns and even did a four-month juice cleanse before going back to solid foods again. All though we can’t recommend taking on Chaka’s way of doing things, we cannot argue with the results. Her approach to getting healthier did incur a weight loss transformation of over sixty pounds!

Nicole Snooki Polizzi – 42 Lbs – Diet & Exercise

Reality star Nicole Polizzi, better known as Snooki has battled with her weight at numerous stages of her life and career. Yet, it seems this incredible woman has finally managed to end the vicious cycle she was stuck in.

Her journey came to a breakthrough point when Nicole dropped an astonishing forty-two pounds after giving birth to her first child in 2013. Now, even though she has two more children, Nicole hasn’t ever fallen back into her old routines. In fact, she’s more active than ever and is a huge proponent of going to the gym and stacking on the gains!

Pink – Unknown – Diet & Exercise

We all know that singer Pink is in remarkable shape. The question is, how does she get and stay this way? Well, according to her nutritionist Ariane Resnick, Pink looking like the star she is, really isn’t that difficult!

In Ariane’s view, it’s all about being ready for what you want to do. So, the fitness and diet expert created an eating plan for Pink that allowed her to battle the hunger cravings and stay on top of her game. That course, along with some moderate exercise gave us the fit-as-a-fiddle songstress who pulls out all the stops on her energy-consuming tours several nights in a row!

Letitia Dean – 28 Lbs – Diet & Exercise

Over the years EastEnders star Letitia Dean has taken a lot of flack regarding her physical appearance. As someone who is barely over five feet in height, Letitia’s wayward dietary habits wreaked havoc with her weight and she always ended up back where she started or worse.

Anyway, through hard work and commitment, Letitia has finally put all of that behind her and has even released her own fitness DVD! She’s lost a tremendous twenty eight pounds and four dress sizes and is looking better than ever. Apparently, Letitia is even turning the heads of the younger generation now when she walks into the shops!

Miranda Lambert – 20 Lbs – Cardio & Strength Training

Country singer Miranda Lambert shed about twenty pounds a few years ago, and obviously, this remarkable transformation gave rise to some rumors on how she managed to achieve her new look.

Still, Miranda was very quick to dismiss allegations of things such as surgical intervention and made sure that people were aware that her stunning appeal was now down to regular exercise and portion control. According to Miranda, getting in enough cardio and strength training, along with the right foods in your diet, is all you need to look as exceptional as this country music star does!

Kim Kardashian – 20 Lbs – Regular Workouts & Plant-Based Diet

There’s almost not a soul in this world that hasn’t heard of Kim Kardashian. Love her or hate her; everyone secretly dreams of having her body. Not her pregnant mom-body, though, but rather her postpartum figure that she gets back in no time.

How? According to Women’s Health magazine, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star follows a plant-based balanced diet and is a regular gym-goer (six days a week). It’s how she got rid of 20 unwanted pounds. However, the 40-year-old doesn’t keep herself from indulging in the occasional sweet treat, which is most likely ice cream. Kardashian currently runs KKW Beauty and KKW fragrance lines.

John Goodman – 100 Lbs – Mediterranean-Style Diet & Regular Exercising

The 68-year-old American actor John Goodman has been gracing our screens for nearly five decades now. Most of his characters highlighted his obesity, and he wasn’t ready to take any more of it when he realized his weight was almost 400 pounds in 2011.

Despite the rumors going around about Goodman undergoing surgery to lose all that weight, the New York Post reported that the weight loss resulted from a change in diet and lifestyle. The King Ralph star walked 10,000 to 12,000 steps almost every day and switched to a Mediterranean-style diet to lose over 100 pounds. In 2021, he appeared as Sully on Monsters at Work.

Roseanne Barr – 200 Lbs – Gastric Bypass Surgery

Roseanne Barr has been struggling with her excess weight since before she played the title character in Roseanne. However, it was only after she came on the show that she decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery in 1998 and keep her weight down by changing her diet and exercise schedule.

Barr ate less and worked out more, and it allowed her to get rid of over 200 unnecessary pounds altogether. A subsequent tummy tuck helped too. Now aged 68, we don’t get to see her as often, especially since Roseanne was canceled following a controversial tweet by the star after its 2018 revival.

Janet Jackson – 70 pounds – Weight Training

Who said women couldn’t have children after their 40s? Clearly, it’s not an accurate claim because Janet Jackson had her first child in 2017 at the age of 50. Now 54, Jackson is a renowned singer who is a member of the Jackson family of entertainers.

The Rhythm Nation singer has been in several relationships and marriages over the years but became a mother for the first time a few years ago. As with any pregnancy, Jackson, too, bloated but got back into better shape in a matter of weeks. Regular weight training with her instructor Paulette Syblissb helped her shed 70 pounds.

Alison Moyet – Weight Lost Undisclosed – Intense Diet

Once upon a time, Alison Moyet was all the rage as part of the Yazoo duo. Today, however, she seems to be working more comfortably by herself, having released nine studio albums and over 30 singles. That’s not the only thing that has changed about her, though.

Moyet is no longer as stout as she was in her younger years. In fact, she lost so much weight that she went from a size 22 to a 10, and it has everything to do with an intense diet plan. According to Mirror UK, the 59-year-old isn’t thrilled about her current figure and is attempting to gain some of the pounds back.

Angie Stone – 75 Lbs – Healthy Eating & Exercising

Decades ago, Angie Stone earned recognition as a member of The Sequence. She then worked with a few other groups before launching a solo career that would see the release of nine studio albums and over 20 singles as of today.

Anyone who has been a fan of Stone knows that she’s always carried some extra weight, which is why she took part in VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club. Even though it did help her lose about 20 pounds with diet and exercise, things got serious when her doctors diagnosed her with Type 2 diabetes, which meant she had to lose weight—fast! Today, she boasts a 75-pound weight loss.

Tom Arnold – 100 Lbs – Cardio & Circuit Training

One of Roseanne Barr’s ex-husbands, Tom Arnold, also went through a phase of having more body mass than he could carry. He is an actor and comedian himself and is known for productions like Happy Endings, Sons of Anarchy, and The Best Damn Sports Show Period.

During a tough time battling depression and over-the-top eating habits in 2012, Arnold weighed 287 pounds, which was obviously too much. It’s when he challenged himself to a 100-pound shed, which was achieved by 2014 through cardio, circuit training, and other workouts, as per ABC News. The 61-year-old looks great and has projects like High Holiday and Christmas Thieves lined up for future release.

Adam Richman – 70 Lbs – Slow Eating & Walking

While most people would shamefully try to keep their guilty food pleasure behind closed doors, Adam Richman took a more open approach. Well, it was his job. He is a television personality who hosted a variety of eating-challenge programs on the Travel Channel.

Man v. Food was one of the shows, in which he sometimes had to eat bizarre amounts of food like 72-ounce steaks and 2.5-pound pastrami sandwiches. As expected, his weight catapulted in no time, but Richman wised up to go down. According to Cooking Light, slow eating, healthy meal choices, and 12,000-step walks every day helped him lose 70 pounds.

Kelly Osbourne – 80 Lbs – Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Even someone who has known Kelly Osbourne since birth may have difficulty recognizing her because she has lost an incredible amount of weight and opted for a change in fashion sense and style. The Osbournes star has struggled with her weight for as long as she could remember.

The 36-year-old managed to lose 20 pounds in 2009 with a high-protein, low-carb diet, suggested by her Dancing with the Stars partner Louis van Amstel. According to The Sun, she’d lost 80 pounds altogether as of August 2020, made possible by gastric sleeve surgery.

William Nylander – Weight Lost Undisclosed – Exercise

William Nylander picked the right sport to play professionally. Because outside of the wins on the field, hockey is one of the best ways to improve body conditioning and overall health. Of course, fans of the sport must know that Nylander is the right winger for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

He was selected during the first round of the 2014 NHL Entry Draft. Then he made his NHL debut playing against the Tampa Bay Lightning in February 2016. Though Nylander hasn’t exactly spoken about his diet and weight loss journey, it’s easy to tell that his strict regimen has been doing a lot of good.

Austin Russell – 150Lbs – Gastric Sleeve Surgery & Exercising

Austin Lee Russell from “Pawn Stars” had struggled with his weight for a few years before deciding to have a procedure done. Although the gastric sleeve surgery reduces the urge to eat, Chumlee, as he is popularly called, still required a lot of diligence to maintain his weight loss.

In an interview, Chumlee said he is now committed to eating healthily and exercising. He’s also shared before and after photos on social media. Russell lost 150 pounds and has encouraged his fans to commit to their weight loss as he did.

Ashley Dunn – 350 Lbs – Diet & Exercise

For Ashley Dunn, the struggle with obesity started at a very young age. After years of giving in Ashley eventually ballooned to a massive six hundred pounds and decided to get help.

Enter the people from the show My 600-lb Life who came into help Ashley lose a tremendous three hundred and fifty pounds through diet and exercise. If you’re wondering how Ashley is doing these days, we’re happy to tell you that she’s still going strong and sticking to her healthier regime like a champion. Getting approved for weight-loss surgery adds to the good news!

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