Final Call: Last Photos Of Celebrities Before They Passed Away

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Steve Jobs, 56, 1955-2011

We all know that Apple Inc. was the brainchild of Steve Jobs, an idea which catapulted him to become one of the most successful business magnates in the world. Steve was also fortunate to finding love in Laurene Powell Jobs, who he married in March 1991 at the Yosemite National Park. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in October 2003 which he chose to cure with alternative medicine. Most people believed that this choice led to his untimely death which happened on October 5, 2011. Laurene’s inheritance included Steve’s shares in Apple and Disney, making her one of the wealthiest women in the world with a fortune of $20.7 billion.

Burt Reynolds, 82, 1936-2018

When veteran actor Burt Reynolds had a heart attack on September 6, 2018, he left a huge fan following behind! It sure is great that he lives on through his films! Reynolds was 82 when he died. His ex-wife and his son held a private memorial service for him and it was held at a North Palm Beach funeral home. Some big names attended the ceremony – like Sally Field and Doug Flutie. Reynolds’ body was then cremated in Florida, at the God Coast Crematory. The TV and film industry lost an element of history that day!

 Elizabeth Taylor, 79, 1932-2011

Elizabeth Taylor cemented her place in history as one the best actresses of our time back in the ‘40s when she joined the entertainment industry. She became a respected figure during the classical age of cinema, and her personal life was equally fascinating.

Taylor struggled with poor health at different stages of her life, and in 2011, a congestive heart failure claimed her life. In her final days, her health had deteriorated gravely and she could only get around in a wheelchair.

Farrah Fawcett, 62, 1947-2009

In 2006, Fawcett found out that she had cancer and three years later, the disease claimed her life at the age of 62. Farrah’s Story which aired on NBC in 2009 chronicled how she fought the disease. After her passing, Fawcett received her fourth nomination for producing the documentary. The fifth episode of the documentary followed her to Texas as she visited her father and mother; her mom died in 2005 at 91. Fawcett’s death didn’t immediately receive much media coverage because just a few hours following her death, pop icon Michael Jackson also passed away. The last photo of Fawcett was taken around April 2009 at the airport.

John Lennon, 40, 1940-1980

The Beatles’ co-founder, singer-songwriter, and peace activist John Lennon had his last photo taken the very same day that he died. The picture shows him signing a copy of Double Fantasy for Chapman for fan Mark David Chapman. It turned out that Chapman would shoot Lennon four times in the back hours later. The incident happened right outside Lennon’s Manhattan apartment, and they rushed him to the nearest hospital but he never made it. Lennon’s remains were cremated right away at the Ferncliff Cemetery and his ashes scattered in Central Park. Chapman pleaded guilty to the crime and was imprisoned. He’s still doing time and has been denied parole several times.

Erin Moran, 56, 1960-2017

Remember Happy Days? Well, perhaps actress Erin Moran is happier now she’s getting some well-deserved rest wherever she’s’ gone to! Moran lost her battle with cancer and the deadly disease drained her in her last months. Many of her friends came forward after her death to share some of her last months of life and one of the very last pictures to have been taken of Moran was by her friend Steven Wishnoff. The photo was taken when Erin was at a fundraiser just a month before she discovered the telling blood stain on her pillowcase that led to her fatal throat cancer diagnosis.

Diana, Princess of Wales, 36, 1961 -1997

When Diana married Prince Charles and became the Princess of Wales, she easily became the most adored member of the 20th-century Royal household. She supported many charitable organizations that worked with the homeless, children in need, and folks living with HIV. Sadly, the marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles didn’t lead to a happily ever after. They were officially divorced in 1996 with reports of unfaithfulness from both parties arising throughout the separation process. Diana died a year after in Paris, France from a vehicular mishap where she sustained fatal internal injuries, on August 31, 1997. Over two million people mourned as her funeral was globally televised.

Gene Wilder, 83, 1933-2016

Actor, director, singer-songwriter, screenwriter, and author Gene Wilder is well remembered for his contributions to the entertainment industry. His last acting role was a guest on Will & Grace in 2003 for which he won an Outstanding Guest Actor Emmy Award. From there, he turned to writing and published several books,  including a personal memoir and two novels. Wilder passed on at his Stamford, Connecticut home on the 29th of August 29, 2016, from complications brought about by Alzheimer’s disease. He chose not to disclose that he suffered from the illness although he had been diagnosed three years before his death. Wilder’s last photo was taken a year before his passing.

 James Garner, 86, 1928-2014

The younger generations may not know much of him, but James Garner was a prolific actor, producer, and voice artist. His career spanned almost six decades (pretty much until he died in 2014). Garner was popularly known for his performances in Maverick, The Rockford Files, and The Great Escape, among heaps of others.

Garner had a great life with success in both his professional and personal lives—the latter in which he was married for 58 years with two children. On July 19, 2014, Garner died at his home in Los Angeles after suffering a heart attack. The first photo above is believed to be his last.

Tony Burton, 78, 1937-2016

Born in Flint, Michigan, Tony Burton was an actor and boxer. While still in school, he was both a heavyweight boxing champion as well as an all-state footballer. Only while serving his prison sentence for robbery did Burton develop an interest in acting. Therefore, he pursued a career in theatre. His achievements were well-marked by the prominent roles in the Rocky series, The Shining, and House Party 2. After a career spanning over five years, Burton, at the age of 78, went into eternal rest due to complications from pneumonia.

Freddie Mercury, 45, 1946-1991

Freddie Mercury, real name Farrokh Bulsara, was more than anyone could ever ask for in a performer. His four-octave vocal range and enigmatic stage persona as Queen’s vocalist made Freddie undeniably iconic. Before Mercury was whisked off into a life of intimate encounters with various men, he had a special place in his heart for a woman named Mary Austin who he considered as his common-law wife. Mary was by his side throughout his life until he died in 1991 due to bronchial pneumonia related to AIDS. His love for cats can be seen in this last photo shot a week before his death.

Sean Connery, 90, 1930–2020

With no less than an Oscar, an Academy Award, three Golden Globes, and two BAFTA’s, the knighted Scottish star of seven Bond movies showcase an unforgettable career. The late Sir Sean Connery had been acting since 1954. Since appearing as a gangster in No Road Back, Connery steadily rose to the critical acclaim that we know today.

According to statements from his widow, Michele Roquebrune, the legendary actor, who was battling dementia, had his final wish granted. She confessed to The Daily Mail that he wished to pass away without a fuss. On 31 October 2020, Sir Thomas Sean Connery passed away in his sleep. He was in the Bahamas.

Jonathan Brandis, 27, 1976 – 2003

He started being involved with acting and modeling as a child. Jonathan Brandis eventually got his big break in the ‘90s playing in series like It and SeaQuest 2032. He was appearing on one magazine after the other, even making it on People with his then-girlfriend Tatyana Ali.

In 2003, however, he committed suicide in his house. His friends later shared that he was depressed. Two films in which he was working on were released posthumously, The Slainesville Boys and Bad Girls from Valley High. He was only 27 years old at the time of his death.

Eddie Van Halen, 65, 1955-2020

Most of you would know rock star Eddie Van Halen for the years he spent as the guitarist of the band called Van Halen. He was the co-founder of the band, and he also serves as the primary songwriter. He popularized the tapping guitar solo technique.

Many refer to him as among the greatest guitarists in history. Sadly, he passed away in 2020 after losing his battle with lung cancer. You could see from his last photos how he aged and looked weaker. Van Halen was 65 years old at the time of his death, and his fans later turned his Pasadena childhood landmarks into memorials.

John Ritter, 54, 1948–2003

He was filming 8 Simple Rules when he fell ill. John Ritter passed away on September 11, 2003, less than a week before he’d turn 55. Today, we got to be reminded of this tragic loss on the Autopsy: The Last Hours Of documentary series.

John was an incredible actor, who’s mostly credited for the Three’s Company and Three’s a Crowd series of the ‘70s and ’80s. The 8 Simple Rules film was released after his death. At that time, he was married to Amy Yasbeck, his second wife. His four children survive him.

Chadwick Boseman, 43, 1976–2020

The world was shocked when it was announced that Chadwick Boseman had died due to colon cancer. While he will forever be remembered as the man who made the world say “Wakanda Forever,” he was also a talented actor who specialized in biographical films.

Some of these roles include playing baseball legend Jackie Robinson in the 2013 film called 42, James Brown in the 2014s Get On Up, and supreme court justice Thurgood Marshall in 2017’s Marshall. His performance in 2018’s Black Panther saw him named one of the 100 Most Influential People of 2018 by Time Magazine.

Aretha Franklin, 76, 1942-2018

Acclaimed singer Aretha Franklin is an icon who simply requires no introduction! Franklin’s death brought together many celebrities of the entertainment industry and many politicians in mourning for her loss. It was on August 13, 2018, that Franklin was reportedly gravely ill. Though she was at her home, she was under hospice care and had her friends and family supporting her. While she was on her deathbed, many came and went, visiting her and sharing a few last moments with the legendary singer. Franklin died at age 76, and she reportedly died without a last will and testament. It was also said that she still had at least $3 million in unpaid estate taxes.

Benjamin Keough, 27, 1992 – 2020

One of the reasons for which Benjamin Keogh will forever be remembered is his striking resemblance to his grandfather, the King of Rock, Elvis Presley. Benjamin’s parents were Lisa Marie Presley and Danny Keough. They had him in 1992, just a couple of years before they got divorced.

Benjamin lived his life out of his mother’s spotlight. At the time of his death, he was living in his $1.8-million family house in Calabasas. He took his own life on July 12, 2020, at the young age of 27, leaving his entire family in mourning.

Lucille Ball, 77, 1911-1989

The strong representation that women have in comedic shows is all thanks to the contributions of Lucille Ball and other pioneers. Here’s Lucy and I Love Lucy are some of the shows that Ball had to her name.

The photo above would end up being her last taken at the 1989 Academy Awards. Ball succumbed to heart problems she developed just a month following the awards. She had surgery but days later, she passed away.

 Doris Day, 97, 1922-2019

Doris Day, actress, singer and animal activist passed away surrounded by friends and family, on May 13th 2019 at her Carmel Valley home. Day had recently contracted a serious case of pneumonia which resulted in her death.  The Legend had celebrated her 97th birthday just last month with nearly 300 fans who gathered in Carmel to celebrate with her. She is remembered for her successful career in Hollywood as America’s sweetheart, arguably the top female box-office star in history, and as a passionate animal rights activist. She was married four times unsuccessfully to a string of abusive husbands and her only child, Terry Melcher died in 2005. He was affiliated with Charles Manson and narrowly escaped death during his 1969 killing spree of Sharon Tate.

 Jan Crouch, 77, 1939–2016

She passed away at the age of 77 after having suffered a stroke in Orlando, Florida and being hospitalized for almost a week. Janice Crouch was the co-founder of the Trinity Broadcasting Network since 1973! The channel has now grown into being the world’s most successful religious channel out there. Through it, Jan had earned herself a $50-million fortune.

This was one of the very last times she was caught on camera. Although understandably older than what we had gotten used to through the Praise TV show, Jan always looked amazing in her own unique way.

Cass Elliot, 32, 1941–1974

Cass Elliot was renowned as one of the main vocalists for the Mamas & Papas. Her association with the group as a singer and songwriter was so strong that she was affectionately known as Mama Cass and even inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for her work with the group.

It’s said that she brought soul to songs like California Dreamin’, Monday, Monday, and Words of Love. But when the group broke up, she went solo, and is best remembered for her chart-topping hit, Dream A Little Dream Of Me. Elliot died in her sleep due to heart failure at the age of 32.

 Nicole Brown Simpson, 35, 1959-1994

Being murdered is undoubtedly a horrible way to go, but of course, no one asks for it. On 13th June 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson was found outside her home in Brentwood, laying in a pool of her own blood. The German-born American model’s ex-husband, the former NFL player, O. J. Simpson, was the main suspect, though he was found not guilty in the trial. Whoever did it, killed  Nicole’s friend Ron Goldman as well. We’re not sure if justice was rightly served because for the brutal murder of these two humans, nobody was ever convicted. Nicole left behind two children whom she shared with Simpson.

Naya Rivera, 33, 1987 – 2020

We couldn’t have been more shocked to hear the news about Naya Rivera’s death in July 2020. She was involved in a freakish accident while on vacation with her four-year-old son, who luckily survived. Nava was declared missing at Lake Piru, just five days before her body was found.

She was an exceptional person, who became famous as a child, playing in The Royal Family, and as a grown-up with Glee and Step Up: High Water. It’s believed that the two were taken away by a strong current. Naya must have found the strength to help her son onto the boat before she could join him. She was declared dead on July 13, 2020, at the age of 33.

 Regis Philbin, 88, 1931–2020

Regis Philbin was best known as the co-host of the talk show Live! With Regis, sharing the set at first with Kathy Lee Gifford and later on with Kelly Ripa. He was the original host of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and America’s Got Talent, and many other shows and games.

For Live!, Philbin bagged a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Talk Show Host, and for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, he won the Outstanding Game Show Host Award. On July 24, 2020, one month before his 89th birthday, he passed away due to a heart attack brought on by coronary artery disease.

John Wayne, 72, 1907–1979

He was born in Iowa back in 1907. John Wayne grew up to become one of the most legendary actors in Hollywood. He was married three times, lastly to Pilar Pallette, and had seven children, through which he’s now survived. Just some of the films in which he played include The Alamo and True Grit. The last time he made a public appearance before succumbing to cancer, was for The 51st Annual Academy Awards in 1979. In 2020 some old footage of him was used in the making of This Is War Bond documentary.

Don Shula – 90, 1930–2020

He briefly played football for the NFL before deciding to switch to being a coach. Don Shula became the best coach on NFL, having accumulated more than 300 wins with his teams. His last and most lengthy collaboration was with the Miami Dolphins which lasted between 1970 and 1995. In 2020 he passed away, due to yet unknown reasons. He was 90 years old by then and married to his second wife, Mary Anne Stephens. He left a huge legacy behind for other NFL coaches to follow and is survived through the five children that he had with his late wife, Dorothy Bartish.

Michael Jackson, 50, 1958 -2009

Recognized by the Guinness World Records as the Most Successful Entertainer of All Time, the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson shocked the world with grief when news of his death hit the stands on June 25, 2009, only two days before he was set to come back for his This Is It music tour. Debbie Rowe, who was once married to MJ and became pregnant with his two kids, was also left devastated. Soon after Jackson’s death, she was hit with allegations that she was not the biological mother of their children Prince and Paris. A resolution was eventually agreed upon, allowing Rowe to have supervised visitations after Jackson’s passing.

Tom Petty – 66, 1950-2017

Tom Petty was a talented musician but it seemed that it wasn’t in his stars to be around for very long! Petty’s body was discovered at his home, in full cardiac arrest on October 2, 2017. He was not breathing and was unconscious but he was resuscitated and rushed by an ambulance to Santa Monica’s UCLA Medical Center, only to die again on the evening of the same day. Alas, Petty was just 18 days away from popping a cork for his 67th birthday! Tom is survived by his wife of 16 years, Dana York, and two children.

Fred Willard, 86, 1933-2020

We couldn’t have been more saddened upon hearing the news about Fred Willard passing away on May 15, 2020. He died of natural causes at the age of 86 after having spent almost his entire life spreading laughter. Fred remained active as an actor until his very last moment, in fact, he even has an upcoming project, the Space Force series. Meanwhile, some of his most praised projects have been films like Anchorman and even the small role he had in Modern Family. Even though his long-time wife had passed away in 2018, he kept on working. He is now survived by their daughter, Hope, and his grandson, Freddie.

Stevie Ryan, 33, 1984-2017

Back in 2007, Stevie Ryan became a sensation when she started uploading her comedic videos on YouTube. She was born in California, in 1984. She committed suicide at the age of 33, in July 2017. All her fans were incredibly shocked to hear the news, as she remained active on social media until the very last day. She had hosted shows like Stevie TV and Online Nation. To her very last day, her profiles had a big follower base. In fact, on her YouTube channel, she still has over 86K subscribers. This picture was in one of her very last posts on Twitter.

Jerry Stiller, 92, 1927-2020

Jerry Stiller lived most of his life in New York. He was born in Brooklyn back in 1927. Jerry started pursuing acting in his late 20s, and that was when he met his wife, Anne Meara. Together, they would star the Stiller and Meara comedic duo that would deem them as household names. Jerry passed away in 2020 from natural causes. The last time he was in front of a camera was in 2019 with Kaye Ballard – The Show Goes On. Jerry’s now survived by his son, Ben Stiller, with whom they’d even made the Zoolander films working side by side.

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