Stars Whose Appearance Drastically Changed In The Past Years

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Melanie Griffith – Age 63

At 17, Melanie Griffith earned critics’ respect for her portrayal of Delly Grastner in the 1975 movie Night Moves. As she rose to prominence, she began to fall under the trap of alcohol and substances, although she revealed that her struggles didn’t affect her parenting skills.

Her rough past aside, Griffith was also the subject of ridicule after she had gone under the knife. In 2017, she admitted that she went to another surgeon after hearing what people thought of her new look. Thankfully, the disaster was corrected, and these days, the 63-year-old is not letting herself go as she was spotted at an L.A.-salon in March 2021.

Christina Aguilera – Age 40

Apart from her distinctive voice, Grammy winner Christina Aguilera is known for her killer physique. However, as she grows older, the blonde Genie in a Bottle hitmaker’s perception of herself has evolved. As a mom of two, she has learned the importance of advocating body positivity.

In a 2020 interview, Aguilera admitted she didn’t follow a diet anymore and revealed she has understood that it’s unhealthy to compare herself to others. The former The Voice coach has also learned never to be hypercritical of herself but still push harder to pursue her passion.

Nicole Kidman – Age 53

Nicole Kidman, 53, can still pass as 40 because of her slim body and radiant complexion. Many fans noticed how she seems to be aging backward, while others felt that she looks better now than when she was still young.

As such, the Moulin Rouge star has been plagued with surgery rumors but had she vehemently denied getting any work done. Kidman did admit to previously getting Botox but had it removed after her face felt numb. We can appreciate her beauty in her next projects, Nine Perfect Strangers and The Northman.

Janice Dickinson – Age 66

In 2015, supermodel Janice Dickinson shared a throwback photo of her when she was actively modeling, and fans were quick to point out that she looked like a different person. That’s because she has had the most dramatic change in appearance in years, thanks to cosmetic surgery.

The ’70s stunner has always been open about going under the knife, admitting that she had undergone operations to preserve her youth. Dickinson, who used to be an America’s Next Top Model judge, is also admired for her honesty, like when she said in March 2021 that the Hadid and Jenner siblings aren’t supermodels.

Val Kilmer – Age 61

Veteran star Val Kilmer is one of the most celebrated actors of the ’80s and is perhaps best known for playing Iceman in the action movie Top Gun. Despite his success, he faced weight issues in 2007, which was also when tabloids started dubbing him Fatman, a play on his portrayal of Batman.

These malicious headlines got to Kilmer so much that he decided to focus on shedding pounds. However, in 2014, the Paydirt star felt that he had gone overboard and became too slim. Shortly after, he was diagnosed with throat cancer that led to a tracheotomy. In 2020, the 61-year-old revealed he misses his old voice. 

Scott Thompson – Age 61

Who could forget Carrot Top, one of the members of The Kids in the Hall? Scott Thompson has been doing comedy for decades and is best known for bringing his own props to shows. Of course, he also gets a laugh with his trademark curly, fiery hairstyle. 

Now 61, Thompson has obviously aged, but what hasn’t changed is his ability to make people cackle and his colorful mane. Despite his age, he continues to bring comedy to his Las Vegas show. He will reportedly perform his act at Luxor Theater, which used to be the venue of the Criss Angel Believe show.

Courtney Love – Age 56

Being the muse of legendary musician Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love was very present back in the day. But if one compares her appearance now and before, they can definitely tell that she had enhancements. The unpredictable star previously revealed that she had a nose job and cosmetic surgery facelift, which she said was Goldie Hawn’s advice.

While Love is one of the lucky few who remains recognizable even with the procedures done, she previously expressed the intention to age gracefully. Meanwhile, in March 2021, the 56-year-old spoke about her health struggle and how she almost died because of anemia.

Kelly Clarkson – Age 38

After winning the first season of American Idol, Kelly Clarkson’s career soared, but as her fame grew, so did her critics, who poked fun at the singer for gaining pounds. The Grammy winner has been vocal about her weight struggles and how society’s pressure affected her.

Although adding pounds is typical for pregnant women, tabloids didn’t spare Clarkson. Thankfully, the Since You’ve Been Gone singer has learned that her success didn’t rely on her body but what she can bring to the table. In fact, she revealed in 2020 that she was hired for The Voice when she was at her heaviest. 

Axl Rose – Age 59

Being the vocalist of Guns N’ Roses makes Axl Rose an unforgettable rock n’ roll icon. Not only did his voice make him stand out, but his slim physique and sculpted abs made the girls squeal back in the group’s heyday. The frontman used to perform topless to display his toned body.

But nowadays, Rose has noticeably packed a few pounds, although he can still hit the notes here and there. Some say he looks unrecognizable with the added weight, but thanks to his signature long luscious hair, we can tell that he really is a legendary musician.

Charo – Age 70

Spanish actress Maria Rosario Pilar Martinez Molina Baeza, commonly known as Charo, joined Dancing with The Stars in 2017 and immediately became the talk of the town. Fans were quick to point out that she looked nothing like herself and predicted that she had cosmetic procedures done to her face.

However, Charo has never talked about this matter, although some surgeons claimed she had rhinoplasty and breast enhancement. Despite the rumors, the flamenco guitarist doesn’t seem to mind the harsh words hurled about her appearance as she will next grace the upcoming Confab W virtual event. 

William Shatner – Age 90

Although William Shatner has a long list of acting credits, it’s his role as Captain James T. Kirk of the Star Trek films that’s the most memorable. Many die-hard fans of the sci-fi title have probably seen him repeatedly, but apparently, he chose not to watch himself, except in the fifth film of the franchise he directed.

Days before he turned 90 in March 2021, Shatner opened up about not wanting to see his portrayal of the iconic character, citing that it is painful to see how he used to look. Since the ’60s show, the actor has been struggling with his weight. 

Phoebe Cates – Age 57

Phoebe Cates first made a mark in the industry in 1982 for her portrayal of Linda Barrett in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Unfortunately, after a shortlist of projects that include Bright Lights, Big City, and Private School, she retreated from the limelight to focus on her family.

Cates, who shares two kids with husband Kevin Kline, only came out of retirement in 2001 for The Anniversary Party and in 2015 to voice her Gremlins character. In those instances, fans have noticed how she seemed to look different—but for the better. The 57-year-old may have aged, but she is doing so gracefully. 

Justine Bateman – Age 55

At 55, Justine Bateman simply doesn’t care what people think. She has come into terms with aging and has since focused on directing, despite people mostly associating her with her role in Family Ties. In a 2021 interview, the outspoken star talked about how she doesn’t see plastic surgery as empowering.

Although some stars feel good when they go under the knife, Bateman felt that it happens because of the pressure from society to adhere to beauty standards. Nonetheless, we can say that she looks fine without enhancements despite the dramatic change in her appearance brought about by aging.

Adrienne Barbeau – Age 75

Sure, there are visible signs that she’s gotten older when we last saw her in Unearth in 2020, but Adrienne Barbeau still sports the same hairstyle as in the 90s. Perhaps, her youthfulness can be credited to her decision to wear fewer beauty products on her face whenever she has no work.

Although one of her most memorable works is playing Rizzo in the Grease production on Broadway, she may be best known for portraying Carol Traynor on the sitcom Maude. These days, Barbeau is still active, and her next projects will be Hellblazers and Pitch-Fork. 

Mia Farrow – Age 76

Mia Farrow used to be known for having a cherubic face, which explains why she seems to have slowed down time. It’s hard to believe that she is now 76, but the little lines around her mouth and eyes would probably be a dead giveaway.

Although her appearance is far from how she used to look, Farrow is, no doubt, aging gracefully. Of late, she has made the news after her complicated family relationship surfaced in the HBO documentary Allen v. Farrow, detailing the allegations thrown against her ex, Woody Allen. It also put the spotlight on her daughter Soon Yi-Previn’s marriage to the director.

Katie Holmes – Age 42

Katie Holmes hasn’t escaped the natural process of aging, but still, she doesn’t look her age! She did notice changes in her skin, the 42-year-old revealed in 2020—that’s why she has taken it upon herself to practice self-care more often these days.

Despite the case, the mom of one has always been surprised by the paparazzi, hence the unflattering snap. Nonetheless, Holmes doesn’t seem to care as she is always pictured out and about bare-faced with her daughter, Suri. Of late, however, she is spotted with a new man, chef Emilio Vitolo. 

Jenna Jameson – Age 46

Best known for her killer figure, Jenna Jameson found it hard to get back to her old body after giving birth to her first child in April 2017. However, she shocked her fans when she debuted a slim figure in the following year, which she credited to the keto program.

The former adult star had a hard time sustaining this diet and took a break, only to announce in 2020 that she would be starting again with her journey after gaining around 20 pounds. Nowadays, Jameson seems to be content with her body as she often flaunts it on her Instagram. 

Candice Bergen – Age 74

Best known for playing the titular character in Murphy Brown, Candice Bergen is nowhere near stopping acting. In years, fans saw how she aged on the screen, and although many noted that she gained weight, the 74-year-old simply doesn’t care about them as she believes she isn’t a good dieter, to begin with.

In a December 2020 interview, Bergen talked about how she didn’t want to undergo major surgeries just to look youthful. To be fair, the five-time Primetime Emmy winner admitted she had work done on her eyes after people poked fun at her hooded eyelids.

Christina Ricci – Age 41

People mostly remember Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family, and although she has been known to favor dark roles, she has grown to be a beautiful lady. Now 41, fans can’t help but wonder how she can still pass off as 30!

Some, however, think that her radiant new look is because of a rhinoplasty. As such, Ricci has been involved in lists of successful celebrity plastic surgeries, but she has yet to reveal the truth about it. Nonetheless, we’re excited to see her in her upcoming projects like Yellowjackets and Monstrous. 

Dennis Rodman – Age 59

Long before RuPaul’s Drag Race got everyone hooked, NBA legend Dennis Rodman was first causing a media frenzy. It’s hard to believe that he was shy as a child, especially since he is a flamboyant personality who isn’t afraid to cross-dress.

Rodman shattered stereotypes and boundaries whenever he donned outrageous attire, which explains why people couldn’t recognize him at times. The 2020 documentary The Last Dance showed his ability to break out of the masculinity of sports. The basketball player was also known for frequently changing hair color and for his relationship with Madonna. 

Lindsay Lohan – Age 34

Everyone saw how Lindsay Lohan grew up from a child star to a successful, versatile actress. That means people are also aware of how she rose and then fell from grace and how her appearance drastically changed along the way.

Amid court appearances, public meltdowns, red carpet events, and interviews, Lohan had noticeably covered her famous freckles. Many guessed that The Parent Trap star also had rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, and injected fillers on her cheeks to make her face seem fuller. Oh well, at least the 34-year-old is in a better situation now as she collaborates for a jewelry collection.

Jackie Stallone – Age 98

Jackie Stallone, Sylvester Stallone’s late mother, passed away in September 2020, but it’s hard to forget the dancer. In the past years, she graced red carpet events, and in almost every outing, she would be the subject of plastic surgery rumors.

However, Jackie herself had expressed disappointment about her botched procedures that she said left her looking like a ‘chipmunk.’ Although she admitted that she had one too many lip fillers, she did look better than most people her age, which she credited to spinach every morning. In fact, she also believed that this green veggie is the key to her longevity. 

Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner – Age 71

Being the head of the famous Kardashian-Jenner family meant that all eyes were on Bruce Jenner. Although the ladies in the clan took center stage, all eyes were set on the Olympic gold medalist in 2015 when the patriarch came out as a transgender person. Months after the announcement, she revealed her new name: Caitlyn.

In 2017, Caitlyn released a memoir, The Secrets of My Life, which detailed her journey of finding her identity. It was also documented in her reality show, I Am Cait. These days, the 71-year-old looks nothing like her old self and has been seemingly enjoying her time in the limelight as she recently joined The Masked Singer. 

Adele – Age 32

Chasing Pavements, Rolling in the Deep, and Someone Like You are only some of Adele’s biggest hits. However, the multi-Grammy Award-winner went through a rough experience after calling it quits with ex-husband Simon Konecki, with their divorce finalized in March 2021.

Despite the painful period, Adele took the time to work on herself and came back literally stronger after reportedly shedding around 100 pounds, thanks to Sirtfood Diet. She shocked her fans when she debuted a slim figure in 2019 on Instagram to celebrate the Christmas holidays, breaking the Internet. 

Suzanne Somers – Age 74

Three’s Company’s original Chrissy Snow, Suzanne Somers, is now in her 70s but still has the same glow she had at the height of her career. Her smile and cheekbones are similar as well, which made people think that she had plastic surgery. She once admitted that she only had face fillers that moved around in the years that followed, so she wouldn’t do it again.

Somers credited her radiant complexion to a slew of products that include glutathione serum and a CoQ10 moisturizer. She accredits her amazing physique to yoga. Plus, she is kept happy by her husband, Alan Hamel, with whom she will be celebrating their 44th anniversary in 2021.

Jessica Simpson – Age 40

Singer Jessica Simpson was not only known for her impressive vocal range but also her hourglass figure. However, she revealed in the 2021 edition of her bombshell memoir Open Book that she hated the scrutiny about her weight and appearance back in the 90s because it side-swept other relevant news about her.

Tabloids poked fun at Simpson when she added pounds when she got pregnant. In September 2019, the mom stepped out with a trimmer figure after losing almost 100 pounds only six months after giving birth to her third child, Birdie Mae, with Eric Johnson. 

Tina Louise – Age 87

Tina Louise rose to fame for playing Ginger Grant in the 60s sitcom Gilligan’s Island. Unfortunately, she is the only surviving cast member after Dawn Wells (Mary-Ann Summers) passed away just before 2020 ended. The 87-year-old paid tribute to her costar by telling fans to remember the actress for the wonderful woman that she was.

Louise rarely stepped out in recent years, but some fans found it hard to recognize her when she did. In 2018, the star was photographed wearing a floral midi dress and let down her signature red locks, but fans couldn’t help but think that she had some work done on her face.

Haley Joel Osment – Age 32

Haley Joel Osment was just 11 when he landed the role of Cole in M. Night Shyamalan’s box office film The Sixth Sense in 1999. With his angelic face, it was hard to forget the boy who could see dead people, but fans may not recognize him two decades later.

He still has a cherubic look, and after the success of his child star fame, he grew a beard in order to hide. Nowadays, however, Osment continues to act and has opted to retain facial hair. In December 2020, he was seen filming an untitled-project on Sunset Strip, which means he is nowhere near hitting the brakes. 

Matthew Perry – Age 51

It’s hard not to notice Matthew Perry in a crowd; after all, he played the iconic Chandler in the iconic and successful show Friends. Despite the success, the actor turned to alcohol and drugs, which led to his premature aging and additional weight, most evident in 2014.

Fans who saw Perry on the streets were worried about him, but he got back on track in 2016 during the Friends mini-reunion. These days, the 51-year-old is in a much better position as he will appear as Dan Pawketty in Don’t Look Up this 2021.

Leonardo DiCaprio – Age 46

For over three decades, Leonardo DiCaprio has given his fans the acting they deserve. For that, he has bagged numerous prestigious awards like an Oscar, Golden Globe, and a BAFTA. Avid supporters have also seen how his talent and appearance transformed in years.

The Titanic actor chose to ditch his baby face by going scruffy these days. In fact, there are times when it’s hard to recognize him because of his beard. Even so, this didn’t stop casting directors from hiring him for projects as he has a myriad of upcoming projects, including Roosevelt and The Black Hand. 

Russell Crowe – Age 56

Russell Crowe is sculpted in Gladiator, but he is plump in the Loud Voice. He has been dedicated to his craft so much that he drops or adds pounds depending on what the role would require. Following his recent works’ success, the actor seemed to have chosen to delay getting back in shape.

Some reports claimed that Crowe is embarrassed by the latest paparazzi pictures of him, so he would allegedly hide from the public until losing weight. However, it is worth noting that this may not be possible because he has many upcoming works like Rothko and American Son. 

Carmen Electra – Age 48

Carmen Electra is known for many things: as a singer who worked with the legendary Prince, an actress who appeared on Baywatch and the Scary Movie franchise, and the former lover of NBA superstar Dennis Rodman. One thing is for sure, back in the day, she was the woman many guys dream of.

Fast forward today, and Electra seemed to have slowed down on chasing acting projects. She has, however, made a name for herself on Instagram, where she still shows her undeniable beauty and physique. Yes, the 48-year-old has aged, but she remains a stunner as a social media influencer. 

Taylor Momsen – Age 27

The face on the left may be familiar for those who saw the 2000 film How The Grinch Stole Christmas, where she played Cindy Lou Who. That girl grew up right before the public and went on to star in the now-defunct The CW show Gossip Girl, portraying Jenny Humphrey.

Many people probably had a hard time realizing that the two girls are the same, and that’s maybe because Taylor Momsen always favored dark glamor looks. The blonde actress also turned to music when she was suffering from depression and struggling with substances, she revealed in February 2021. 

Jack Nicholson – Age 83

For decades, Jack Nicholson explored the realms of directing and portrayed all sorts of characters, from villains to leading men. Although he has yet to announce his retirement from show business formally, it is worth noting that it has been over a decade since he had a project, last seen in How Do You Know in 2010.

As an octogenarian, Nicholson has understandably gained weight and has fallen into the trap of aging. After all, food may be the least concern of most 80-year-olds these days. Some of his finest works include The Shining, One Flew over The Cuckoo’s Nest, and Batman.

Kylie Jenner – Age 23

Most people in their early 20s are still deciding on a path to take, but Kylie Jenner, 23, has already built a makeup empire! The reality star is also a social media superstar who leverages her popularity by marketing her products online.

However, as the public witnessed her growing up, many accused Jenner of going under the knife, which she had denied, only admitting to having lip fillers. Naysayers also kept suggesting that she wants to look like her older sisters. Nonetheless, the 23-year-old mom of one has many things to note, including the recent backlash after asking her followers to donate for her pal’s medical needs. 

Priscilla Presley – Age 75

Priscilla Presley is known for being the wife of the late King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. Having met when she was just 14, the legendary musician waited for the right time to marry her. Unfortunately, their love story didn’t last, and they broke up after the star went out with other women.

Despite this, Priscilla became a public figure, which means she also targeted plastic surgery rumors. In 2018, she admitted the truth and said that she had botched procedures. These days, she still looks unbelievably youthful at 75, as seen on her Instagram account.

Keith Richards – Age 77

The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is already 77, but he still creates music now and then. Although he isn’t as active as before, the musician revealed in November 2020 that he, his wife Patti Hansen, their kids, and dogs were happy passing time in their Connecticut house.

Previously known for his stylish looks and trendy fashion picks, many fans were shocked to see Richards aging not-so gracefully. Although it is only acceptable because of his age, we can’t help but wonder if the outcome would be the same had he not suffered from substance abuse in the past. 

Jocelyn Wildenstein – Age 80

No one knows about going under the knife more than billionaire socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein. Despite previously denying she had plastic surgery, she came clean a couple of times. Legend has it that the decision to get enhancements was to satisfy her husband, late Alec Wildenstein, who adores cats.

The 80-year-old, who is dubbed the Catwoman, has since moved on with Lloyd Klein, with whom she is said to be in a relationship for over 15 years. Jocelyn plans to show her life with her new man and her business journey in a documentary. 

Rose McGowan – Age 47

Planet Terror star Rose McGowan is known for being outspoken and as one of the pioneers of the #MeToo movement after she detailed how Harvey Weinstein assaulted her when she was just a new actress. She shocked everyone when she debuted a shaved look in 2015, making her almost unrecognizable.

McGowan’s fans noticed that her appearance changed in the ’00s, admitting that she did it because of a car accident. However, in her book, Brave, she revealed that it was because of a botched operation under her eye. These days, the Charmed star has just put roots in Mexico, where she was recently spotted by the beach.

Mickey Rourke – Age 68

In October 2020, Mickey Rourke shockingly removed his costume in The Masked Singer, admitting that he couldn’t take the heat of the fabric anymore. While the move was on-brand, many fans were more surprised by how he looked, with many pointing out that he was unrecognizable.

Of course, it may be due to the numerous plastic surgeries he had gotten during his younger days. Although he is an actor, he also dipped his toes into boxing, which left his face in a mess. The 68-year-old previously revealed that he went to the wrong guy to fix him, but another expert claimed that his face was paralyzed from injections. 

John Travolta – Age 67

More than his captivating eyes and groovy dance moves, John Travolta’s coiffed mane stole the scene in Grease. So when he debuted a shaved head in 2019, many fans were shocked and felt that their idol was unrecognizable. This decision, the hunk said, was influenced by rapper Pitbull.

By the end of the year, Travolta did sport a head full of luscious locks for a Grease event, again surprising his supporters who had just gotten used to his Mr. Clean image. People predicted that he wore a wig, and he probably did because as of 2021, he shows he has fully embraced his shiny head on Instagram.

Brigitte Bardot – Age 86

During her heyday, French actress Brigitte Bardot was considered the ‘It’ girl; what with her beauty that could launch a thousand ships. That’s thanks to her breakout role in And God Created Woman, which cemented her A-list status. However, she shocked her fans when she retired at the height of her fame.

Now 86, Bardot is enjoying life outside the spotlight, especially since she appears barely recognizable as time went by. Because she refused to go under the knife, the activist has fully embraced aging—that means fine lines and sagging skin. Nonetheless, she has been using her time advocating for animal rights after she quit show business. 

Priscilla Barnes – Age 65

Seventies star Priscilla Barnes had big shoes to fill after Suzanne Somers left Three’s Company, but she nailed her act and went on to become one of the most in-demand stars of her generation. Some of her notable works include The Love Boat, Un plan Simple, and Lords of the Deep.

At 66, aging signs have obviously caught up with Barnes as she has noticeable fine lines and wrinkles, especially around her eyes. Nonetheless, fans still love the undeniably talented thespian whose skill hasn’t waned, as observed in her 2020 projects Extraction and Hot for My Name. 

Donatella Versace – Age 65

Bearing the family name, Versace already speaks volumes of Donatella’s vast fortune. As a member of the influential clan, she has been rubbing elbows with some of the world’s biggest celebrities for much of her life. With that much money, she could practically do anything and still survive when she opts to stop working.

Donatella pours moolah on body and facial enhancements, which is something she has been open about. Apart from Botox, she also reportedly had lip injections to increase plumpness. As of 2021, the brand’s sales of menswear have increased. 

Jenilee Harrison – Age 62

Suzanne Somers left the hit sitcom Three’s Company, which proved to be a blessing to the next actors to play the part, including Jenilee Harrison. Afterward, she appeared in shows like They Came from Outer Space, That ’70s Show, and The New Mike Hammer, before last gracing the small screen in 2002 for The Power.

Now 62, Harrison has chosen to keep her life private and has been married to a famous chiropractor, Dr. Bruce Oppenheim. Nonetheless, she looks radiant and youthful at her age and seems to be content staying away from the paparazzi.

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