Bridgerton star reveals show made a PG version of the series cutting out her racy sex scenes for one surprising reason

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This actress has a very specific request about her sex scenes

If there’s one thing Bridgerton is known for, it’s being racy.

Its sensual love scenes have earned it fans all over the world, who love getting hot under the collar watching the Netflix favourite.

Nicola Coughlan's sex scenes have a special edit (Netflix)

Nicola Coughlan’s sex scenes have a special edit (Netflix)

And those were just the scenes featuring Regé-Jean Page.

Since its debut in 2020, Bridgerton has won acclaim and loyal viewers.

With the first half of the show’s third season dropping yesterday, fans are eagerly back to binge-watching.

One star is now opening up about her experience doing sex scenes on the show – and how Netflix made an alternative edit just for her.

Nicola Coughlan plays Penelope Featherington on the show and has been a staple since the first season.

Penelope Featherintgon has been on the show since the first season (Netflix)

Penelope Featherintgon has been on the show since the first season (Netflix)

In the final episode of the first half of season three, Featherington’s story is left on a cliffhanger as she is locked in an intimate kiss with Colin Bridgerton, played by Luke Newton.

In the back of a horse-drawn carriage, no less. I mean, where else?

The second half of the season will see Coughlan’s character in a ‘very naked’ sex scene.

One might think it’d be awkward for her to have to sit and watch this scene with her parents.

But fortunately, Coughlan thought ahead – and Netflix were happy to accommodate her.

A PG version of the show has been created, just for the actress’ parents to watch.

Speaking to The Sun, she said: “It’s literally written into my contract. People think I’m saying it as a joke. I grew up Irish Catholic, that’s just not how we vibe.”

Whether or not this latest season will fulfil fan’s hopes for flesh remains to be seen.

The second season came under some criticism for a lack of bedroom action.

In eight hours of content, only three minutes were guaranteed to get people’s pulses racing.

The first batch of new episodes have around six minutes of kissing, sex, threesomes and lesbian love scenes.

This is apparently the show’s steamiest season yet.

Colin and Penelope's love story is getting more focus on this season (Netflix)

Colin and Penelope’s love story is getting more focus on this season (Netflix)

Fans are already clamouring for the second round of episodes to be released, and took to X to vent.

One viewer fumed: “Who made the diabolical decision to split it into two parts, on a cliffhanger like that?

“Not the cliffhanger ending. I need part 2 NOWWW.”

“Enough with flirty Colin if I do not see that boy YEARN and PINE over Penelope Featherington by the end of episode one, I don’t want it,” another wrote.

The first half of Bridgerton season three is now streaming on Netflix.

The second half drops on June 13th.

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