Grandmother who claims to have slept with over 800 lovers post-divorce reveals what ‘turns men on’

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Andrea Sunshine, a 53-year-old fitness influencer, explains why men are so attracted to her and what she looks for in a partner

The sexual activity of grandmothers is a topic of conversation that can make some mildly uncomfortable.

Because many people hold their grandparents in high and proper esteem, it’s sometimes hard for those same people to remember what their grandparents had to do to ensure their very existence.

However, being a grandmother isn’t a distinction that makes someone incapable of being sexually active, even in a casual environment.

This is very much the case for Andrea Sunshine, a 53-year-old grandmother who revealed what, from her experience, turns men on in the bedroom.

53-year-old fitness influencer Andrea Sunshine at the beach (Instagram/@andrea__sunshinee)

53-year-old fitness influencer Andrea Sunshine at the beach (Instagram/@andrea__sunshinee)

“I usually attract men half my age, there’s a type of fetish about mature and muscular women for young men,” Andrea explained in an interview with TheDailyStar.

Andrea is a bodybuilder who has reportedly had 800 different sexual partners in the roughly two decades since getting divorced.

The bodybuilder says that it’s both her physique and age that attract people, especially younger men, to her.

“We have more experience and self-trust which sometimes is missing with inexperienced young ladies,” Andrea explained.

“My age also turns them on, as well as my muscles.”

Andrea began bodybuilding following her divorce and has amassed over 516,000 followers on Instagram as a fitness influencer, garnering countless DMs from younger men trying to ask her on a date.

When it comes to the ample attention she receives from younger men, Andrea admits she’s happy to receive it, stating: “It gives me a kick, I like it as it turns me on and the idea of it brings me to some kind of fantasies. We are at the end of the day instinctive beings and some emotions and reactions we can’t control.”

“I think it’s okay to feel the free spirit with some kind of responsible limitations.”

53-year-old fitness influencer Andrea Sunshine working out. (Instagram/@andrea__sunshinee)

53-year-old fitness influencer Andrea Sunshine working out. (Instagram/@andrea__sunshinee)

However, while she frequently attracts younger men, Andrea prefers to date men closer to her own age on a long-term basis.

The reason, she says, is also due to their overall maturity.

Andrea spoke about this preference in an interview with The Mirror, stating that she has preferred to date older men for the majority of her life.

“Since a young age, I was never really attracted to boys, I have been more interested in mature guys,” Andrea explained.

“I love those with grey hair.”

She later adds that she believes mature men are more in tune with a woman’s needs than their younger counterparts, but that ultimately chemistry is the most important thing when it comes to who she wants to date long term.

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