Man served friends tacos made from his own amputated leg

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After getting his lower leg amputated, a man decided to see what human meat tasted like alongside some of his closest friends

Considering a large majority of human beings eat the meat of animals, it’s not surprising that many would wonder what human meat would taste like.

Now, outside of extenuating circumstances, finding out what human meat tastes like is (luckily) very illegal, but there are some cases where it isn’t.

For people who need to have their limb amputated for some reason other than infection, it is possible to retain your amputated limb. And, considering it is still technically your property, you could do pretty much whatever you want with it.

I think you see where I’m going with this.

Reddit user IncrediblyShinyShart held an “Ask Me Anything”, in which he revealed that he had one of his feet amputated, and instead of having the doctor throw it away, he decided to keep it and make a very special meal for himself and some of his friends.

I think you know where I'm going with this... (Getty Stock Image)

I think you know where I’m going with this… (Getty Stock Image)

Tacos with meat from his own foot were on the menu.

“I taste like buffalo, but chewier. Super beefy and little fat,” he noted when probed by shocked Redditors, giving out more and more small details as questions rolled.

While many will be surprised to know that the poster’s friends were actually willing to eat his human meat, ISS does admit that not everyone was as sure about the idea as he was.

“I had one person back out, and it’s totally understandable,” he explained.

“I think there was a lot of ‘wait really’. Kinda hoping that I’m joking, But it was all happy people who showed up that day, Lots of dark jokes.”

Unsurprisingly, the origins of doing such a strange thing came from morbid curiosity among himself and his friends.

“My friends and I always had this joke, ‘If you could try human flesh in an ethical and healthy way, would you?’” ISS recalled. “We always said of course. Well, the opportunity came up and I called them on it.”

The Redditor didn't hold back when he described his experience of eating his own foot. (Reddit/IncrediblyShinyShart)

The Redditor didn’t hold back when he described his experience of eating his own foot. (Reddit/IncrediblyShinyShart)

ISS got his foot amputated after a motorcycle incident, in which he lost all feeling in his foot and would never have been able to use it again.

In an interview with Vice, he explained the process further.

“Originally I wanted to have it taxidermied or freeze-dried,” he explained, before adding that neither ended up being a viable option.

As for the cooking process, ISS said: “[The chef] marinated it overnight and sauteed it with onions, peppers, salt, pepper, and lime juice. Then he served it on corn tortillas with a tomatillo sauce.”

The recipe, as created by the unnamed chef, was named ‘Human Shin Fajitas’ for fairly obvious reasons. Yum…

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