Man who won $1,300,000,000 lottery jackpot sued by family after breaking promise to share winnings

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The winner has been locked in a legal battle with multiple family members after scooping an enormous jackpot

A man who scooped an enormous jackpot on the lottery is being sued by his family.

The individual from Maine, who has not been named, bagged a staggering $1.3 billion on the Mega Millions jackpot.

But things have since taken a turn for the worse when the winner ended up locked in a legal battle with their own family after the win.

His family have accused the winner of reneging on promises he had made in the event that he won it big on the lottery.

These allegedly included setting up a million-dollar trust fund and covering his father’s medical expenses.

Not only that, but the man has hit back and accused his daughter’s mom, identified with the pseudonym Sara Smith, of breaking a non-disclosure agreement when she told the rest of the family about the win before their daughter’s 18th birthday, which is in 2032.

The win was one of the largest in US history, with the ticket being purchased in the town of Lebanon in Maine, according to the Independent.

The winner scooped more than a billion dollars. (mikroman6 / Getty)

The winner scooped more than a billion dollars. (mikroman6 / Getty)

While the identity of the winner has not been public, the win has only become increasingly complicated as time has gone on.

Court documents obtained by the Daily Beast indicate that in a series of cases filed on May 10 all of the parties involved allege that the others have engaged in misconduct.

Despite the allegation from the winner, identified as John Doe in court documents, Smith has claimed that it was in fact Doe who revealed his win.

Her lawyers argue that this disclosure ‘shatters the remaining shards of this suit’.

Meanwhile Doe’s father has also claimed that he revealed the win himself, as well as suggesting ways he would share the winnings.

In court documents the father wrote: “February or March of 2023, my son came to my house in [REDACTED], and informed me and my wife that he won a large amount of money in the Maine State Lottery.

The parties all allege misconduct from each other. (Achim Sass / Getty)

The parties all allege misconduct from each other. (Achim Sass / Getty)

“I understand that my son has stated that he told me nothing about his money ‘other than the simple fact that I had won.’ That is not true.”

The father claimed that he had never asked for any money, but his son had made promises about how he would share it.

These allegedly included building his father a garage with old cars, buying the house where his father raised him, setting up a trust fund of $1 million for his dad, and covering his medical expenses.

But the father went on to claim that their relationship quickly ‘deteriorated’ and he has not done any of the things he promised.

For his part, Doe has accused his father of attempting to expose his identity.

The case continues.

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