OnlyFans model who flashed on New York to Dublin portal reveals the staggering amount she’s made from scandal

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OnlyFans model who flashed at New York to Dublin portal has revealed what she was thinking before she did it and how much money she’s made

An OnlyFans model who flashed in front of a ‘portal’ connecting Dublin and New York has revealed how much cash she’s raked in since the stunt.

Lithuanian artist Benediktas Gylys designed a ‘portal’ from Ireland to the US in a bid to invite people to meet others ‘above borders and differences and to experience our world as it really is – united and one’.

Alas, some users of the portal got more than they bargained for after getting an eye-full from the other side of the globe when an OnlyFans model decided to take her top off and flash her breasts.

It wasn’t only 25-year-old OnlyFans model Ava Louise who engaged in behavior the portal wasn’t designed for, with other people who interacted with the livestream mooning their bums for others to see and some people in Dublin even showed New York pictures of the twin towers.

Despite the pure and wholesome intention behind the portal, as a result of various attendees’ behavior, one of the organizers for the portal – the Flatiron NoMad Partnership – revealed the installation had to be temporarily shut down to give organizers time to come up with a way to enforce it being used more appropriately.

While the portal was left temporarily out of business for a few days, the same can’t be said for Louise who’s since revealed how much money she’s raked in for her racy stunt.

Ava Louise flashed via the portal from New York to Dublin (Instagram/ @avalouiise)

Ava Louise flashed via the portal from New York to Dublin (Instagram/ @avalouiise)

Louise’s topless stunt on the New York side of the portal over the weekend saw her gain over 30,000 subscribers on her OnlyFans page – as of yesterday (15 May) – and she expects her numbers to rise further in the days to come.

She tells the New York Post she ‘went there knowing [she] could go viral‘ if she did it.

And well, there’s no denying the move – while controversial – has paid off for the content creator.

Louise said she typically earns anywhere from $70,000 and $125,000 per month through OnlyFans.

She told the Post – in an interview published 15 May: “In the past two days, I made $30,000 just off this whole scandal, so it’s been awesome.”

However, just because she’s gained popularity on OnlyFans, doesn’t mean Louise’s actions have been appreciated by all, although she’s previously spoken out about not ‘really car[ing]’ about negative comments she receives online.

She adds her parents found out about the stunt in the newspaper and ‘at this point, when [her] parents see [her] with [her] boobs out somewhere, they’re just like, ‘That’s just Ava!'”

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