Shaggy says fans have misunderstood his song ‘It Wasn’t Me’ for decades

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One of Shaggy’s most popular songs ‘It Wasn’t Me’ actually had a different meaning to the one most of us all thought

Shaggy has spoken out about the real meaning of his hit track ‘It Wasn’t Me’ and it will leave you pretty gobsmacked.

Ah, throwback to the good old days where you’d pop in a Now That’s What I Call Music CD into the rom, hook up an independent speaker via a cable and bop around your room, dancing like no one was watching to tracks such as Orville Richard Burrell C’s – better known by his stage name Shaggy – ‘It Wasn’t Me’.

However, despite probably knowing the lyrics off by heart after having sung them hundreds of times, do you really know what the song is about?

Hint: It’s not as straight-forward as you think.

While he’s also released absolute classics such as ‘Boombastic’ and ‘Angel’,’ there’s no questioning one of Shaggy’s most iconic and recognised songs is the 2000 hit, ‘It Wasn’t Me’.

Some of the lyrics read: “Honey came in and she caught me red-handed/ Creeping with the girl next door/ Picture this, we were both butt-naked/ Banging on the bathroom floor

“How could I forget that I had/ Given her an extra key/ All this time she was standing there/ She never took her eyes off me.”

Naturally, given the lyrics, many listeners have taken the song to be about Shaggy being caught cheating – and giving a seriously gaslighting excuse too – however, that’s not actually the case.

One of Shaggy's most well-recognised songs is 'It Wasn't Me' (YouTube/ Timeless Sounds)

One of Shaggy’s most well-recognised songs is ‘It Wasn’t Me’ (YouTube/ Timeless Sounds)

Shaggy is currently married to Rebecca Packer – the pair having wed in 2014 – and they share three daughters together.

But that doesn’t mean listeners to his hit tune didn’t question if he hadn’t had a bit of a complicated past when it came to women and relationships.

In an interview with People, the rapper revealed it’s ‘a big misconception with that song because that song is not a cheating song. It’s an anti-cheating song’.

“It’s just that nobody listened to the record to the end,” he added.

*Desperately tries to hum my way through the song to get to the end* So what is said at the end which we’re all missing?

Shaggy says the song isn't a 'cheating song' like some people think (Jason Koerner/Getty Images for iHeartRadio)

Shaggy says the song isn’t a ‘cheating song’ like some people think (Jason Koerner/Getty Images for iHeartRadio)

Well, Shaggy explained: “There’s a part in the record where it’s a conversation between two people and you have one guy, which is me at that point, giving that bad advice, like, ‘Yo, bro, how could you get caught? Just tell her, ‘It wasn’t me’, and then at the end, the guy says, ‘I’m going to tell her that I’m sorry for the pain that I’ve caused.

“‘I’ve been listening to your reasoning, it makes no sense at all. Going to tell her that I’m sorry for the pain that I’ve caused. You might think that you’re a player, but you’re completely lost’.”

Shaggy concluded: “Nobody hears that part! That’s what the song says.”

Well, you learn something new every day eh?

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