Woman left with $150 every fortnight despite having household income of $180,000

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A TikToker says she can’t afford ‘self care’ when she’s left with $150 every fortnight, despite having a household income of $180,000

A TikToker has left people divided after saying she can’t afford ‘self-care’, despite having a combined household income of $180,000.

Amid a cost of living crisis, many are having to make cut backs and sacrifices, and an insurance worker and mom-of-one has since opened up about the cutbacks she’s having to make to still have a chance to be able to get onto the property ladder in a year’s time.

However, the online response has been conflicted.

Raspin – aged 27 – took to her TikTok account on Saturday (11 May) to ask followers how they ‘afford self-care’.

The mom questioned how people are still able to get their ‘nails, hair, lashes [and] brows done all the time’ noting she and her partner have ‘a bigger income’ but have a ‘strict budget’ so they can ‘save for a house’ by July 2025.

“In order to do that, I only have $150 spending money per fortnight,” she continued.

However, the TikToker said nails cost about ‘$100 every four weeks’ and her hair costs her ‘$200 every eight weeks’. Her lash lift tint, brow lamination, sculpt and dye ‘all at once’ works out at ‘$170 a fortnight’. In total, the cost of the ‘self care’ for a month comes to a whopping $370.

She resolved: “So, that’s over budget. So tell me how you’re affording [it]?”

The TikToker questions how people afford 'self care'. (TikTok/ @aliceraspin)

The TikToker questions how people afford ‘self care’. (TikTok/ @aliceraspin)

The caption adds: “Self-care is expensive, it’s a luxury at this point!”

And it’s not taken long for people to flood to the comments to weigh in with contrasting responses.

One TikToker said: “DIY! I do everything myself, and always have,” as another questioned: “Having a job?”

A third commented: “I understand people want to feel good and look good but not worth spending that when the future is unknown. I’d rather have my money for a raining day or invest it. But that’s me.”

And the conversation has spilled over onto Facebook too, and let’s just say some of the comments there haven’t held back.

One user wrote: “Considering the number of families who can’t even afford both rent and groceries, this is a very tone deaf post.”

“You can’t have your cake and eat it too. She is saving for a house and is on a tight budget. Increase your budget if you can’t leave without your nails, hair and eyebrows. Just saying! We all have don’t it before,” another added.

The TikToker said she 'only has $150 spending money' every two weeks. (TikTok/ @aliceraspin)

The TikToker said she ‘only has $150 spending money’ every two weeks. (TikTok/ @aliceraspin)

A third commented: “If I had 180 000 a year is consider myself very rich.”

And a final resolved: “Some peoples’ goals are to buy a house – for others a nice manicure or eyebrow tint is what they want to do. Everyone is different. Each to their own.”

The mom did note to News.com.au she recognises that ‘due to [their] priority to save for a house’ things like eating out and self care are ‘a luxury,’ however, she would currently ‘like to be able to go to the hairdresser regularly and get [her] eyebrows and lashes done regularly’.

So, what do you think?

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