AI creates terrifying prediction for what humans will look like in 1,000 years

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Prepare yourself for the creepy results

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has left a lot of people worried as of late, but there’s no doubt that it provides a lot of exciting possibilities.

Even though AI recently fooled Katy Perry’s mom into thinking she was at the Met Gala when she wasn’t, the rise of the technology provides the opportunity for new grounds that have never been reached before.

And here at UNILAD we like to look ahead to the future, and thanks to AI, we can do just that.

It has cleverly predicted what kind of future is on the cards for the human race.

We decided to ask AI program Midjourney to mock up some pictures of what it reckons we will look like 1,000 years from now.

And unfortunately, the results are pretty terrifying.

To begin with, it looks like the fashion of the future is going to involve covering our faces in a web of wiring and whirring motors.

I mean, AI has basically decided that our human visage has become subsumed beneath technology.

A truly terrifying prediction. (UNILAD/Midjourney)

A truly terrifying prediction. (UNILAD/Midjourney)

That holds some quite disturbing implications for our relationship with technology over the course of this millennium, since the AI image appears to show it having sunk its hooks into us good and proper.

The man from the year 3,000 appears to have sacrificed the skin of his face to make way for all of this futuristic technology and it’s frankly quite disturbing.

He really doesn’t look happy at all, but the AI seems convinced in its prediction that this is what we’re going to look like about 1,000 years from now and they’ve stuck to it in another image it created.

This poor person seems to have the same web of wires weaving their way across their face but oddly enough it looks like they get to keep their skin – though that hardly makes the results any less disturbing.

I think we are all hoping it doesn't become a reality. (UNILAD/Midjourney)

I think we are all hoping it doesn’t become a reality. (UNILAD/Midjourney)

Perhaps this is what societal beauty standards will be like 1,000 years from now, you’ve got to show off how many wires you’ve been able to attach to your face and having skin on that face is optional.

If this is the future of beauty then count me out, though even the AI generated images of some of our future selves who don’t go in for the whole ‘stick wires into your face’ approach are still quite terrifying.

What on earth are those two creatures in the middle of the bottom row? (UNILAD/Midjourney)

What on earth are those two creatures in the middle of the bottom row? (UNILAD/Midjourney)

Among the results there’s a smattering of normal faces and then there’s the Morlocks you see in the two middle spots on the bottom row.

I think at this point AI has been scouring the depths of science fiction for ideas, which would potentially mean that the AI’s idea of what we’ll look like in the future is strongly shaped by our own suggestions on that front.

Let’s hope AI is wrong on this one.

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