Boeing whistleblower who was found dead after testifying against the company left note at the scene of his death

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John Barnett blew the lid off Boeing’s safety standards in 2019 and was found dead shortly after

Boeing whistleblower John Barnett’s suicide note was discovered at the scene after the ex-employee was found dead just days after testifying against the company.

Barnett, 62, had worked for the airline for over thirty years and was a Boeing quality manager before retiring in 2017.

But it was after he left that he decided to blow the lid on Boeing’s less than satisfactory production standards, particularly the way in which the 787 Dreamliner at the North Charleston plant in South Carolina was being manufactured from 2010 up until his retirement.

In 2019 he decided to speak out to BBC News about workers feeling pressured to fit sub-standard parts to aircrafts on the production line and claimed that oxygen masks on the plane could lead to one in four masks not working in an emergency situation.

John Barnett is said to have died by 'self-inflicted' wounds. Fox 11

John Barnett is said to have died by ‘self-inflicted’ wounds. Fox 11

His revelation led to a lawsuit against the firm, which Barnett had been giving evidence for, but was later found dead in his car on Saturday (March 9).

Barnett died from a single gunshot wound to his left temple in his truck, in the parking lot of his South Carolina hotel, which the Charleston County Coroner determined was ‘self-inflicted’.

After much public speculation regarding his sudden death during such a high-profile case, now it has been revealed that a suicide note had been left within his truck.

Authorities confirmed that the handwriting had been authenticated and belongs to Barnett, along with matching fingerprints from the notebook to the ex-Boeing staffer.

The note, which was written haphazardly and in varying directions across the page contained his frustrations over protective measures for Whistleblowers, hatred for Boeing and bizarre titbits.

The note was obtained by The Post and read: “I can’t do this any longer! Enough!

“F*** Boeing.

Boeing's safety standards were questioned. Kevin Carter/Getty Images

Boeing’s safety standards were questioned. Kevin Carter/Getty Images

“America, come together or die!! I pray the mother****** that destroyed my life pay!!! I pray Boeing pays!!! Bury me face down so Boeing and their lying-ass leaders can kiss my ass.”

Within the letter he also shared his love to his friends and family.

He wrote: “To my family and friends, I found my purpose.

“I’m at peace. I love you more.”

Barnett also claimed that he ‘wasn’t high’ when he wrote the note and penned ‘Trump 2024’ in a corner.

After his death was announced, Boeing released a statement citing the company is ‘saddened’ by his death.

It read: “We are saddened by Mr. Barnett’s passing, and our thoughts are with his family and friends.”

However, Boeing’s departing CEO, Dave Calhoun, was re-elected to stay on the company’s board on Friday (17 May), even though he had claimed he was gathering feedback from customers to find a new chief executive.

Barnett’s testimony came after part of a Boeing plane blew off mid-flight in January and more recently, passengers on a LATAM Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner flight were left injured after experiencing ‘a strong movement’ during a three-hour journey.

Terra Avia on ops for Garuda Indonesia Boeing 747-400 (ER-BOS, built 2001) experienced a brief engine fire during take-off rotation from runway 21 at Makassar-Intl Airport(WAAA), Indonesia. The pilots of flight #GA1105 to Madinah continued the climb-out, entered a holding pattern…

Even just yesterday (17 May), a Boeing 747-400 on its way to Saudi Arabia made an emergency landing after one of its engines caught on fire.

Commenters on Reddit theorised that Barnett had been ‘dragged’ through the court system and was at the end of his rope with stress.

Others thought it was an inside job and conspiracy.

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