Delivery driver shows how customer’s $92 order was sitting for hours after no tip

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For all we know, the food could still be sitting there (I hope not)

Tipping is pretty divisive on the web, with seemingly everyone having opinions on the matter.

And there have been a lot of negative stories surrounding tipping in recent weeks, including an ice parlour worker allegedly being fired for accepting an $100 tip.

Of course, for the workers providing the service, it is always nice to be tipped.

I mean, it can make you feel more valued and appreciated, and we all know such workers are often not paid enough – so that small tip can certainly go a long way.

It’s not exactly an even playing field though, with some workers having more control over the service than others.

Those who work in a bar and restaurant often expect a heftier tip. And to be honest, that is somewhat understandable considering the service they offer.

But at the end of the day, they have to deliver the food and drinks to the customer, even if there is no tip in it for them.

However, the world of delivery drivers, for example DoorDash and UberEats, the balls is well and truly in their court.

Tipping is certainly a controversial one. (TikTok/@dashdropfood)

Tipping is certainly a controversial one. (TikTok/@dashdropfood)

Delivery drivers working for the company only need to accept orders when they want to; so if there’s no tip, there’s much less incentive.

Content creator @dashdropfood proved this on TikTok, where he shared a video of himself finding a $92 order from Panera.

The order was timestamped at 2:07pm, but by 5:13pm, it was still there.

In the clip, the TikToker says: “When you tip your driver, you get your food delivered quicker. Tip your driver.”

However, many TikTok users were quick to point out that traditionally, the tip would be given after delivery, so that the amount tipped can be based on the service received.

One person wrote: “Not tipping before order is delivered. The food service is delivery, you deliver then get tipped.”

Another agreed: “Tip is for the service. How you gonna’ tip if you haven’t received the service yet? Do you tip your waitress before she waits on you?”

The DoorDash meal was an expensive one. (TikTok/@dashdropfood)

The DoorDash meal was an expensive one. (TikTok/@dashdropfood)

“I understand what you’re saying,” a third added. “I’ve been a server all my [life]. But I still tip when I get my food. I tip very well to get to it me fast.”

Not everyone agreed on the matter, however, with another user insisting they always tip when ordering, and they’ve had ‘no issues’.

“I always tip in the app and I tip at least 30 percent,” they wrote. “I’ve had no issues.”

The TikToker didn’t reveal whether the order had ever been collected – for all we know, it could still be sitting there today, just waiting to be picked up.

Might be a bit cold now, though.

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