Man buried alive for four days found and rescued by police whilst they were investigating another crime

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As police were investigating the death of an elderly woman, they rescued a second victim that the alleged murderer had buried alive.

Many people have a great fear of being buried alive, but few can say they’ve experienced it and have lived to tell the tale.

However, one unfortunate person in Moldova now knows what it’s like to be buried alive for four days, as police recently dug him out of his makeshift grave.

This situation comes after police in Ustia, a village in northwest Moldova, found a 74-year-old woman dead in her home with signs of foul play, such as physical wounds, present on her body. Upon arresting their prime suspect, a heavily intoxicated 18-year-old man who was related to the deceased woman, the cops heard muffled screams coming from his yard, though no other signs of life were present.

When the officers realized the sounds were coming from beneath the ground, they decided to dig into the suspect’s yard, ultimately finding a 62-year-old man in distress and suffering from a neck wound.

The fact that the man survived for four days underground may be bewildering at first glance, as most experts say that suffocation from being buried alive would take less than five hours to kill you.

However, a video released by Moldovan police officers on May 15th revealed that rather than a literal coffin, the 62-year-old man was buried in a makeshift bunker that had enough space to ensure that suffocating so quickly would not be a problem.

The man was trapped under soil in the suspect's yard. (JamPress)

The man was trapped under soil in the suspect’s yard. (JamPress)

Instead, it was a lack of food and water that was the biggest threat to the man’s life, as four days without water could result in death, depending on a person’s bodily condition.

Typically, any more than three days without water makes the chances of death via dehydration increasingly likely, meaning that the man’s four days underground easily could’ve cost him his life.

Luckily, the man was transported to a hospital for treatment following his rescue, where he is conscious and was able to tell police some of his side of the weekend’s events.

The man was buried underground for four days straight. (Jam Press)

The man was buried underground for four days straight. (Jam Press)

The man’s close call with death reportedly came after a night of drinking with the 18-year-old ended in a fight, with the young man pulling a knife on the 62-year-old and burying him in his makeshift bunker. It is believed that the suspect then murdered the 74-year-old woman, his relative, the next morning.

In the event that the young suspect is found guilty of both murder and attempted murder, he could face a punishment of life in prison for his actions.

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