Server slams table of 16 people who came in 45 minutes before closing and made him want to quit

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An angry restaurant server wanted to quit after a group of 16 came in just before closing

It’s no secret to anyone that working in customer service is a difficult job, but one server was left wondering whether the customer really is always right following a tricky encounter.

There’s no worse feeling as a restaurant server than to be getting ready for closing up, just for a big group of people to walk in and demand a table.

The kitchen is probably closed, you’re starting to put everything away, but some people just can’t take no for an answer.

Well that’s exactly what happened to Ozryn Nino just 45 minutes before the restaurant he worked at was due to close.

And there wasn’t just a couple of them…

Ozryn (@ozrynog) took to TikTok back in 2022 to reveal that a group of 16 people arrived at the restaurant just 45 minutes before closing time.

He said in a video: “This is why I’m quitting because you motherf***ers make my job insufferable.”

Nino’s words did not go unnoticed when they were posted on the video-sharing platform.

However, while the video caught the eyes of a lot of people, viewers were divided about what the server had to say.

A server took to TikTok to complain about a group of people wanting a table shortly before closing time. (Getty Stock Image)

A server took to TikTok to complain about a group of people wanting a table shortly before closing time. (Getty Stock Image)

One critical viewer slammed: “Gen Z, it’s not your customers’ fault. Your job has business hours and they’re within those hours.

“Y’all literally complain about everything.”

Another added: “So you’re quitting because you’re lazy, and don’t want to work. Got it.”

“How the hell did you think a server’s job was going to go?” questioned a third.

While a fourth wrote: “45 mins that’s enough time to almost get them back out the door before closing.”

However, some viewers were sympathetic to Nino’s situation.

One wrote: “There should be a rule/policy. If a restaurant closes at 9pm, do not seat people after 8pm.”

A second sympathized, adding: “Yeah I know the feeling, we had people coming in knowing we close in 5 min and then order the moon.”

People have been left divided by the server's opinion. (Getty Stock Image)

People have been left divided by the server’s opinion. (Getty Stock Image)

Another viewer suggested: “Businesses should have a closing menu – only offer simple or to-go foods the last half hour to allow FOH & BOH to close on time.”

In the comments section, Nino went on to explain more about the situation, revealing that he worked in a restaurant that was understaffed at the time, which certainly makes his life harder.

He said: “Not only do I serve but I wash dishes so when I’m trying to do that and people wanna b rude ima b a b**ch [about] it.”

He concluded that ‘the money is not worth it at this point’.

What do you think of his rant?

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