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During my first visit back to Australia since my parents passed away, I read in the papers that despite Prince Harry being in the UK this week, neither his father nor his brother could make time in their busy schedules to see him.

Initially, I felt a sense of satisfaction. Harry deserves to be ignored, I thought, after his and Meghan’s betrayals of the Royal Family.

But then I reconsidered. For once, I felt a pang of sympathy for Harry, isolated from the people he loves.

I’ve been in a similar situation: the wayward daughter who left home in Perth to build a new life far away, who returned only for happy occasions and holidays—but who wasn’t present when my elderly parents needed care. That responsibility fell on my family back home.

Prince Harry and Meghan are currently visiting a primary and secondary school in Abuja, Nigeria, as part of a three-day trip.

Meanwhile, Prince William is undertaking engagements in St Mary’s Harbour in the Isles of Sicily, located in southwest England.

Reflecting on my own experiences, there were times when unkind words were exchanged between my siblings and me. It deeply saddened our parents that I was so distant, as family meant everything to them. However, over the past year, I’ve made efforts to apologize to my relatives for my mistakes, particularly to my younger brother and his family.

The highlight of my recent trip was reconnecting with my brother. Knocking on his door and feeling his warm, forgiving embrace was immensely healing. It felt like the weight of past grievances lifted from my shoulders.

I hope Harry can find it in himself to apologize too—not through email or a voice message, but with a genuine and complete apology to his father, his brother, Kate, and Camilla, all of whom he and Meghan have wronged.

As for Meghan, she is currently in Africa exploring her heritage after discovering her Nigerian roots. She has been given the Nigerian name Amira Ngozi Lolo, meaning ‘Blessed Warrior Princess’. Perhaps there’s no direct translation for ‘back-stabbing, money-grubbing royal hanger-on’.

Prince Harry and Meghan are currently in Abuja, Nigeria, visiting the country as part of the Invictus Games anniversary.

As for other news:

Bridget Jones Reimagined: Renee Zellweger is filming the latest Bridget Jones movie, Mad About The Boy, in which our beloved character shifts away from her weight-centric narrative. Insiders promise the film will reflect contemporary attitudes towards body image.

Challenges with NHS Equipment: More than two months since the passing of my dear elderly friend Gary, I am struggling to have the electric hospital bed provided for him removed from his home. Despite multiple attempts, I’ve faced difficulties with online platforms, unanswered phone calls, and bounced emails. It’s concerning when valuable NHS resources remain unused in homes where they are no longer needed.

Political Turmoil: After significant losses in local elections, Kwasi Kwarteng plans to step down at the next election. Allegations regarding his brief tenure as Chancellor under Liz Truss have surfaced, but are vehemently denied.

Labour Party Drama: Angela Rayner faces scrutiny over her residency status, with neighbors claiming she misrepresented her address to avoid taxes. The Labour Party Deputy Leader’s credibility is under question.

Crossing Party Lines: Tory Natalie Elphicke’s defection to the Labour Party has sparked controversy, with Keir Starmer facing backlash for accepting her into the party fold.

The Struggles of Being Attractive: Actor Nicholas Galitzine expresses concerns that his looks may overshadow his talent. He voices frustrations about being objectified by movie executives, echoing challenges many actresses face in the industry.

Controversy Surrounding Eurovision: Greta Thunberg joins pro-Palestinian protests against Israel’s Eurovision entrant Eden Golan. The activism sparks debates about freedom of expression and the complexities of political statements in the entertainment industry.

Ongoing Legal Battles: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt continue their legal disputes post-divorce, with accusations of misconduct and emotional distress surfacing from both sides.

Lorraine Kelly’s Career: Celebrating 40 years as a daytime TV presenter, Lorraine Kelly expresses her desire to continue working, drawing inspiration from David Attenborough’s longevity in broadcasting.

The State of Modern Relationships: Research reveals a significant number of young men still live with their parents, citing financial reasons. The trend prompts discussions about independence and maturity in adult life.

Damian Hurley’s Praise for his Mother: Elizabeth Hurley’s son Damian lauds his mother’s acting abilities, sparking debates about her legacy in the entertainment industry.

Family Plans for Mick Jagger: Melanie Hamrick, Mick Jagger’s fiancée, expresses interest in having a second child with the legendary musician, raising questions about parenthood at an older age.

Longevity in Feline Friends: Despite research suggesting crossbred cats outlive pedigrees, anecdotes of healthy and happy mixed-breed cats abound, showcasing the individuality and resilience of our furry companions.

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